English preparatory courses are designed for students whose reading and writing abilities do not yet meet the prerequisites for university-transfer English courses (based on their LPI or LET scores). These courses prepare students for successful completion of first-year English courses at Langara, and provide students with the English language and communication skills necessary to do well in their other courses.

English preparatory courses do not carry transfer credit, and do not act as prerequisites to first-year English courses. Follow the links for more information about each course.

English Preparatory Courses for Native English Speakers


ENGL 1110
Writing and Grammar Skills

This course teaches intermediate grammar and essay writing to speakers of English as a first language who scored a level 3 on the Language Proficiency Index, or a LETN 02, or who have been recommended by the English Department. Emphasis is on teaching the essay writing skills required for first-year English. A pass in the course meets the prerequisite requirements for first-year English courses.

ENGL 1121
Reading and Writing Skills

This course provides instruction and practice in intermediate reading and writing skills with an emphasis is on reading college-level non-fiction texts and writing accurate summaries. Some analysis is expected. This course is highly recommended for students who receive a 3 on the LET, and for students who require additional essay-writing instruction before taking first-year English courses.

English Preparatory Courses for Non-Native English Speakers


ENGL 1098
Writing and Communicating Effectively

This is a course designed for post degree internationally educated students who would like to enhance their knowledge of and competency in English expression with an emphasis on reading and writing. Students will be familiarized with the expectations of writing in a Canadian environment.

ENGL 1099
Writing and Communicating Effectively II

This is a course designed for post degree internationally educated students who would like to further enhance their knowledge and competency in the fundamental skills of communication with an emphasis on reading and writing. This course will build on the material learned in English 1098 and will allow students to further develop their skills.

ENGL 1106
ACCESS Langara I

This course is designed for second-language speakers who may not meet the regular studies entrance requirements and/or those who require intensive English upgrading to prepare to succeed in regular studies courses. Students will review basic grammar rules and will practice sentence, paragraph, and essay writing skills. Students will also be introduced to college resources to help integrate into the college community.

ENGL 1107
Language and Composition I

This is a course designed for students of English as a Second Language at the post-secondary level who require additional training in the fundamental skills of reading and writing. It covers both oral and written communication but emphasizes reading and composition. If you have a below-standard score on the LPI or the LET, you may earn entry to first-year English courses by achieving a passing mark in ENGL 1107.

ENGL 1108
Language and Composition II

This course is designed for English as a Second Language students who received an "SR" grade rather than an "S" in ENGL 1107. The course covers writing, grammar and reading at a more advanced level than ENGL 1107, and students with a "Satisfactory" grade in ENGL 1108 may go directly to first-year English courses.

ENGL 1120

This course introduces students to critical thinking, reading, and writing in an academic context. Supported by an intensive focus on grammar, students will develop effective reading and writing processes, editing techniques, and other strategies for writing designed specifically for students whose first language is not English.