The Office of Student Conduct, Accountability and Support assists the College to administer student behaviour-related policies and procedures that influence a student's time at Langara. We help students gain greater insight into their decisions and behaviours so every student can learn in a safe, respectful environment. At Langara, we strive for a fair and efficient Student Conduct Process with an emphasis on informal resolution and student learning.

In support of Langara’s commitment to a safe, productive, and healthy learning environment, the Office of Student Conduct, Accountability and Support balances the rights and responsibilities of students with the standards and expectations of a successful educational environment. The Office:

  • Addresses breaches of the Standards of Student Conduct.
  • Assists faculty and instructional staff to address breaches of the Academic Integrity policy.
  • Receives complaints and responds to concerns falling under the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy.
  • Facilitates student requests for non-disability related accommodation or academic considerations.
  • Coordinates the College-Mandated Leave of Absence process.
  • Facilitates the work of the Student Discipline Committee.
  • Promotes procedural fairness in the investigation and adjudication student policy breaches, in accordance with the tenets of natural justice,
  • Engages in case management for complex or concerning student behaviour through consultation, support and intervention, when appropriate.
  • Provides consultation and advice to students, faculty, staff and administrators on the interpretation and application of relevant student policies.
  • Provides education and training to students, faculty, and staff regarding Langara’s expectations for student behaviour - both academic and non-academic.
  • Reviews and revises policies related to student responsibilities.
  • Maintains confidential student records.


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