At Langara College, we are deeply committed to being part of a sustainable society. We understand that the world’s resources are finite and need to be used conservatively and wisely. We know that our choices, both big and small, impact on our world and future generations.

As an educational institution, we have a responsibility to lead initiatives that positively contribute to our community. Our goal is to foster, and provide leadership to create more environmentally sound, socially just, and economically vibrant communities. As part of the College's Academic Plan, we are making it a priority to:

  • Create and strengthen programming that encompasses the cross-disciplinary nature of sustainability
  • Advocate and model sustainable practices
  • Build sustainable partnerships with employers, community partners, and alumni

In 2017, Langara College also renewed its Sustainability policy to affirm its ongoing commitment to and responsibility for fostering an institutional culture characterized by leadership in environmental, social and financial sustainability. The College also established a sustainability committee to advise senior leadership and pursue opportunities for all members of the College community to make choices that promote sustainability in the teaching, learning, researching and working environments in alignment with strategic directions.  

The College is proud of its green efforts and policies, and we look forward to continuing to increase environmental, financial, and social sustainability at Langara, in our city and in our world.