Microcredentials are stackable and transferable educational opportunities for learners at any stage in their career journey to gain the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in Canada's future economy and workforce. They are stand-alone, short duration, for credit learning experiences that are competency-based and align with industry, employer, community, and/or Indigenous community needs.



Creativity for Everyone

In a world integrating with artificial intelligence, human creativity remains essential to our development. Students learn creative process through communication, improvisation, collaboration, and critique. They explore storytelling and visual literacy through precedent and history. Through practical application, students learn the foundations of design, elements, and principles for composition and image making.


normally offered in the spring term.  to learn more: Creativity for Everyone


User Experience Fundamentals

In user experience fundamentals students will explore the behaviours, attitudes, and expectations of the user. The user experience must be determined before the designers design the artwork or the developers develop the software. This discipline is comprised of the two fields of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Both UX and UI use the human-first approach to design.


normally offered in summer term. to learn more: User Experience Fundamentals 



Modern Digital Publishing

In this micro-course students learn both the creative and technical aspects of digital publishing. They begin by exploring what a digital publication is and then develop the knowledge and skills to make one of their own using type, photos, video, and sound. Students create a multimedia digital publication for their final project.


normallly offered in spring and summer terms.  to learn more: Modern Digital Publishing