Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) allows students to be granted academic credit for their skills, knowledge, and life experience gained outside of the classroom. Students who feel that their previous experiences allow them to meet the learning outcomes of one or more particular courses may request to be assessed. If the assessment determines that their knowledge and skills meet the learning outcomes of a course, they will be granted credit for that course.

PLAR credit is not included in the calculation of a student’s Langara GPA.

Not all courses are PLAR eligible. A complete list of PLAR eligible courses may be found below. PLAR eligibility is noted on the generic course outline.

PLAR Flowchart

To help visualize the PLAR process, download this flowchart.

PLAR Assessment

To initiate a PLAR assessment, students must first consult with the instructor to determine if their previous experience is appropriate, and likely to lead to a successful assessment. A signature from the instructor confirming the consultation must be provided and the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Request Form must be submitted with the correct payment.

For more information about PLAR please see Langara Policy E2004.

For further information please contact Registrar & Enrolment Services.

PLAR Eligible Courses