Let the world be your classroom. Combine studies and experience with the excitement of travel. Our programs allow you to participate in credit or non-credit courses for a range of durations at different destinations.

Application Process for Field Studies Only (please visit program pages for applying to field school programs)
There are two categories for applications, as described below:

Note: For international field studies programs, applicants must be nineteen or older at least two weeks before departure.

Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand Field Studies: Business and Culture

May–June 2024

Instructors Kenneth Wong and Avram Agov will lead you through interdisciplinary studies of Korean, Vietnamese and Thai business and historical culture

Japan Field Studies: History and Culture

May–June 2024

This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel and study in Japan. Led by instructors, Nariko Takayanagi and Benjamin Wood, you will visit major Japanese cities (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima) and experience traditional and contemporary Japanese history and culture.

Berlin Field Studies: Philosophy and Remembrance

May–June 2024

Visit Berlin with Instructors Kelin Emmett and Rana Ahmad. Reflect on the importance of remembering the past while visiting this unique city and its many memorials.

Archaeology Field School

Summer term 2024

Gain coveted applied archaeology skills while earning university-transferable credits. Learn from industry professionals and Indigenous knowledge holders. Students with any level of experience can participate in this program (no prerequisites required).

Disney Field School

Summer term 2024

Langara College, in partnership with Disney International Programs and the University of California, Riverside, offers a unique international field school where students have the opportunity to work at Walt Disney World.