Empowered by the College and Institute Act of British Columbia, the Langara College Board of Governors’ primary responsibility is to oversee the strategic direction of the College and ensure it carries out its mission. To that end, the primary functions and roles of the College Board are to establish the institution’s purpose and direction; to ensure the institution is effectively and efficiently managed; to establish policies that have institution-wide application; and to provide effective communication with the community.  On November 26, 2015, the Board approved the Roles, Responsibilities and Mandate of Board Members and the Board (click here).

Board membership is legislated within the College and Institute Act. Members elected by faculty and support staff serve three-year terms and may be elected to further terms. Student members serve one-year terms and may be elected to further terms. The President and Education Council Chair are non-voting members (ex officio).

Election of the Chair and Two Vice-Chairs of the Board, for a term of one year, occurs at the public session of a regular meeting of the Board.  For more information on election procedures, please refer to Bylaw 201 - Board Operations.

Interested in Becoming a Board Member?

Election to the College Board:

Please contact the Executive Assistant to the Board of Governors for further details.

Appointment to the College Board:

The provincial Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office (CABRO) is responsible for the establishment of guidelines for all provincial appointments to agencies, for ensuring that all provincial appointments are made on the basis of merit following an open, transparent and consistent appointment process, and for ensuring that appointees receive appropriate orientation and ongoing professional development with respect to agency governance issues.  The goal of the CABRO appointment process is to select the most qualified individuals having the highest personal and professional integrity to serve the public on the Province's boards, agencies and commissions.

If you would like to serve on the Langara College Board of Governors, please visit the CABRO website under advertised vacancies.  

If you need further information on Langara College and/or its Board of Governors, please contact the Executive Assistant below.

Please address all Board inquiries to:

Board of Governors' Office
Langara College
100 West 49th Avenue
Vancouver, BC  V5Y 2Z6

Email: ahsu@langara.ca

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