Welcome to the Mental Health Ambassador program! Mental Health Ambassadors participate in promoting mental health and well-being to Langara students and running outreach events and initiatives for Langara student community. Mental Health Ambassadors increase the emotional and psychological well-being of the student population and act as a bridge between student services and students. Ambassadors support education and well-being events on campus for Langara students as well as participate in campus events like Bell Let's Talk, Pink Shirt, Long Night Against Procrastination, De-Stress Fest, and many others.


Upcoming Mental Health Ambassador Well-being Events

Learn from your peers about mental well-being and student success strategies! Our Mental Health Ambassadors (student just like you) will be hosting public events around campus. Each event has a well-being theme. Please join us and drop by our booth in the A building Foyer (dates and times below) and learn from your peers! Our ambassadors can also answer questions about campus well-being services that you may not know about. Drop by with your questions at any event.

January  25, 2023-Sleep Hygiene Tips 

Come meet with your peers in the A Foyer to learn tips about getting a good night's sleep! 

Location:  A Building Foyer (look for our table) 

Date:         January 25, 2023

Time:        11:00am-2:00pm 


February 15, 2023-Self Compassion 

Come meet with your peers in the A Foyer to learn tips about self-compassion and the benefits of positive self-talk! 

Location:  A Building Foyer (look for our table) 

Date:         February 15, 2023

Time:        11:00am-2:00pm 



On and Off Campus Mental Health and Well-being Resources for Students

If you need help or have a question, there is almost always a service on campus or someone who knows where to get help. The challenge is finding where. Please visit this website for a list of resources.