Personal Course and Exam Schedules are available on Langara's login page

Log into Langara's login page and check out the course and exam schedule feature. 

To view your schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Langara's login page
  2. Click the Home Tab
  3. In the Online Self Service Panel under Regular Studies Quick Links, click Registration
  4. Click on Semester Course and Exam Schedule
  5. Your course and exam information are listed conveniently together

NOTE: If you do not see the exam information, the exam schedule may still be under development.

For more information on the exam schedule feature contact Registrar & Enrolment Services at 604.323.5241.

Procedure for Reporting Exam Conflicts

In accordance with the FINAL EXAMINATION POLICY students exams will be rescheduled when the student has:

  1. two or more examinations at the same time, or
  2. two or more examinations each exceeding one hour in duration with an intervening break of less than one-half hour (30 minutes), or
  3. more than three examinations in one day, or
  4. more than six hours of examinations in one day.

Final examinations will not be re-scheduled for reasons other than those noted above.

Students who have an exam conflict in accordance with the Final Examination Policy should contact their course instructors directly to make alternate arrangements. Any rescheduled exams must be completed within the official final exam period and the final grade submitted by the grade submission deadline.

The last day to report Fall Semester 2021 conflicts is Friday, November 12, 2021. Adjustments may not be made after that date.

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