volt | vōlt | noun | a unit of potential


VOLT is a volunteer program that provides Langara students with the opportunity to make new connections, learn new skills and gain experience while giving back to the community. When you join VOLT, you become a member of a community of motivated volunteers who have contributed over 128,879 hours since the program's inception in 2010.

VOLT also assists campus partners, non-profits and charitable organizations to recruit volunteers through referral,  promoting opportunities on the C3 Job Board and hosting Volunteer Fairs.


VOLT Mission

The VOLT Volunteer Program empowers students to connect with rewarding volunteer opportunities on campus and in the community. The program promotes community engagement, social awareness, and student development through volunteerism and can help you make new connections, learn new skills and gain experience while giving back to the community. We encourage you to convert your energy to a good cause.


Why join VOLT? 

  • VOLT is flexible - you apply for the volunteer roles that work best for your interests, time available impact you want to make.
  • You earn VOLT hours by volunteering in an on-campus role or off-campus role, providing it is with a not-for-profit, charitable organization or public service organization.
  • You can gain experience, build skills, make lasting friendships and create memories.
  • After logging 50, 100 and 200 hours, VOLT volunteers can apply for recognition through the VOLT Recognition Program



Frequently Asked Questions


Ready to Join VOLT and be part of the Student Volunteer Community? 

  1. Fill in an application to create a MyImpact Account
  2. Start searching for volunteer opportunities
  3. Begin logging your hours


Fill in an Application to create a MyImpact Account

Once you have created a MyImpact Account, you can start logging your volunteer hours and work towards earning VOLT Recognition.

Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible to join VOLT and earn VOLT volunteer hours, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Registered in a minimum of one course at Langara College in each semester of volunteer participation.
    • Note: If you take a semester off from your you are not eligible to earn or log hours during that cap semester.
  • Volunteer hours must be earned either in an on-campus role, or off-campus role with a not-for-profit or public service organization.
    • Unpaid work for a for-profit company is not eligible for VOLT hours recognition.

There are many places to look for opportunities on and off campus. A few places to start include, but are not limited to:


No. By filling in the VOLT application form you are creating a MyImpact Account. 


Once you create this MyImpact account, you will be able to start logging your volunteer hours and work towards VOLT Recognition

For every new volunteer opportunity, you are responsible for applying for those positions directly with the department or community organization.


Another benefit of having a Myimpact account is that you become a member of the VOLT email list, which means that you are one of the first students to hear about on-campus opportunities. 

Once you have completed your volunteer experience with an organization, you need to log your hours in your MyImpact account .

Follow the instructions on the front page of your MyImpact Account under "Hours" to log your hours.

Note: You have one academic semester to have your hours verified before they will be removed from your MyImpact Account. 

Ensure that you complete the Verify My Hours Form as well as logging your hours in you MyImpact account. If you do not complete a Verify My Hours form your supervisor will not receive a notification to approve your hours and they will remain with a 'pending' status in your account.

There are 4 main volunteer activity categories for logging volunteer hours:
  • Off-Campus Volunteering (for all external organizations)
  • On Campus Volunteering (for all on-campus volunteering)
  • Club Executive Member (Club Executives)
  • Club Member (for club members volunteering with specific clubs)

If you are part of a specific on-campus program such as Mental Health Ambassador Program, iGuide, LEAP, SNAP, RMT you will log your hours directly into your program category.


If you volunteer with the Office for Student Engagement programs (GO Team, Event Volunteer), you do not need to log your hours, they will be done for you.

The VOLT Recognition Program, recognizes VOLT volunteers who have completed 50, 100 or 200 hours with the program.  These hours can accumulate over each semester that you are enrolled as a student at Langara, in a minimum of one course.

To learn more about VOLT Recognition, visit: https://langara.ca/the-hub/volt/recognition.html

First-time VOLT volunteers will receive an orange VOLT t-shirt to wear when volunteering at a sanctioned on-campus event hosted by a Langara department, or an off-campus event hosted by the Office for Student Engagement.

(note: this does not apply to iGuide, GO Team, SNAP, MHA Ambassadors).


After you have logged your hours, you need to complete one additional step, which is to complete a "Verify My Hours" online form.  This is to ensure that the VOLT program has proof of your volunteer experience.

Once you complete the "Verify My Hours" form, it will be automatically sent to your volunteer supervisor for them to approve.   Once your supervisor confirms those hours with the VOLT staff, your hours in MyImpact will be approved, and your hours will show up in your account as "approved".

Reminder: Ensure that you complete the Verify My Hours Form as well as logging your hours in you MyImpact account, otherwise your supervisor will not receive a notification to approve your hours.

Making an Impact through VOLT

Since VOLT began in 2010, over 5,000 students have volunteered over 114,000 hours. That is the equivalent of 45 years of work on a 35-hour work week or $1.2 million in minimum wages. As a VOLT volunteer, you will be part of a community made up of changemakers, ambassadors, and community advocates who are making a difference at Langara and beyond. 

Check out the profiles of three Langarans who made an impact through VOLT: 


VOLT Alumni 

Are you a member of the VOLT alumni community? Take a trip down memory lane with VOLT recognition Flickr albums from 201620172018, and 2019.