Student clubs are a great way to have fun, meet new people, and get involved in the campus community.

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5 Benefits of joining a Student Club

  1. Make friends

  2. Learn more about yourself

  3. Build Skills

  4. Explore different interests

  5. Build your network

Explore the current list of student clubs for 2022–2023:

(listed alphabetically in each category)

Langara Digital Media Marketing Club:

The Langara Digital Media Marketing Club's goal is to introduce digital marketing to students in a professional way by presenting different career perspectives, promoting collaboration, and offering relevant learning opportunities, such as workshops, seminars and industry meetings. We believe that sharing is something that should be more than a social media practice.


Langara Film Club:

The Langara Film Club aims to create a community for students who are interested in movies, and enrich college life through them. We provide opportunities to get connected with other movie lovers. We also provide screening events on campus to have fun and get refreshed.


Langara Accounting Club

The Langara Accounting Club (LAC) aspires to prepare and support Langara College students in becoming outstanding business professionals, well-rounded individuals, and leaders willing and able to make significant contributions to their communities.

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Applied Research Club

The Applied Research Club helps bring ideas into by utilizing Makerspace ethics, ideas and resources. Currently, the club is working with the “Makers Making Change” non-profit initiative within the Neil Squire society in order to design and produce assistive solutions for people in need.

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Langara Biology Club

Our objective is to encourages all students to share our interest in the sciences, encourage student activities on campus and help students prepare for their futures in the science field or just enjoy the learning about how science is all around us.

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Langara Computer Science Club

The Langara Computer Science Club is officially back! We are a student-run club dedicated to providing a space for students interested in computer science at Langara to learn, network, help each other out, and have fun! This year, we plan to host workshops, programming competitions, and meetups. Join our Discord below to learn more!

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Langara Economics Club

The Economics Club at Langara focuses on discussing and educating members on current and previous economic issues. We want to build a transpiring community where students can constantly learn and grow from one another. We will also host weekly presentations and host debates which will be an excellent way for members to come together and further develop their understanding of economics and business. 
The economics club is an excellent way for students to build their connections and further develop their knowledge, thus giving them a competitive advantage over other students. 

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Langara Finance Club

The Langara Finance Club is designed to promote financial literacy in students while helping them develop their careers and practice employable skills, such as: economic insights onto real world scenarios, practicing stock pitches, and financial modelling.The Langara Finance Club also aims to strengthen the community at Langara by providing a pathway for students to network on campus, seek career guidance, and gain mentorship from each other.

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Langara French Club

The Langara French Club hopes to help new students learn french. We provide a space for more advanced students to practice their french and promote a greater understanding of french culture. If you are interested in french, please, join our club! 

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Langara HR Professionals Club (not active)

The Langara HR Professionals Club’s goal is to introduce Human Resources (HR) as a professional career choice to students by presenting different HR career perspectives, promoting collaboration and offering relevant learning and networking opportunities. These opportunities include workshops, seminars and industry meetings.

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Langara Kinesiology Association

The Langara Kinesiology Association is dedicated to those interested in physical activity, health and wellness, and to Kinesiology students who want to practice the skills acquired in the program, learn more about career, get to know other people that share the same interests, and who want to get engaged with the community.

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Management In Motion Club

Langara Management In Motion club (MMC Club) is a group of enthusiastic students, full of ideas, focused on creating opportunities for networking and student engagement. By keeping a fun and friendly environment, we always welcome new members to share their knowledge and contribute to the club empowerment, while developing a skill set in operations and business management by promoting ideas of student in college campus.

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Langara Nutrition Club

Are you passionate about food and nutrition? Or hoping to learn more about the culinary arts?
Join us over on our Instagram page for weekly food & nutrition-related content brought to you by other Langara students! And stay tuned to our social media pages and the Langara Nutrition newsletter for monthly online or in-person events!

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Langara Project Management Club (PMC)

Our mission is to promote project management knowledge to Langara students by providing learning opportunities, fostering management and networking.

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Born For More - Langara

At Born for More, we joyfully invest in relationships to spark a life journey with Jesus. We seek to love and serve the students and staff at Langara. We believe the good news of Jesus Christ offers the most profound hope for restoring relationships and redeeming our lives for God’s purposes.

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Langara Bhangra Club

Our club aims to celebrate punjabi culture and folk dances at both individual and club level. We also wish to boost up the morale and creativity of students through promoting the physical, and mental health of our members.

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Langara Black Student Union (LBSU)

Our goal is to create a community that caters to the needs of Black students at Langara College. We will strive to represent and celebrate Black culture by organizing events, networking, providing educational resources and leadership forums to Black students at Langara College.

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Langara Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

The Langara Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA Langara) is a non-political, non-profit independent organization being composed of mainly the Chinese students and scholars studying and working at Langara college. It is dedicated to the goals of providing assistance and service, safeguarding the rights, and promoting social, intellectual and cultural activities for Chinese students and scholars at to the Langara as well as other interested members in the Langara community. It also strives to provide good study and living environment for its members.

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Every Nation Campus - Langara

At Every Nation Campus we’re serious about LIFE - leadership, integrity, faith, excellence. We’re holistic - we believe the college experience is about excelling at school; also it’s about making deep friendships from diverse backgrounds, forming our identities through honest, vulnerable conversations, serving our fellow students, and connecting with our creator.

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Garuda Indonesian Langara Association

Our club aims to provide a home away from home for our fellow Indonesian Langarans whilst also promoting Indonesia by sharing our love for its culture.

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Langara Genders and Sexualities Alliance

The LGSA aims to provide a safe and accepting community to LGBT+ students through practical and emotional support as well as providing socialization opportunities.

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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Club

Established in 2018, we seek to create a dynamic community on campus where students can explore, discover and deepen faith, encounter Jesus personally, in Scripture, and in community, develop meaningful friendships, and love our campus together well.

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Japanese Association Langara (JPAL)

Assist to create a community between students who have an interest to learn Japanese. In addition, we like to provide an environment to enhance the conversation skill of English and Japanese learners.

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Korean Student Association
An-nyeong, there!
An-nyeong is the most common greeting in Korean, meaning "Wish you well-being."
We are Korean Student Association (KSA) that constitutes Korean students at Langara, and we exist to be a good help and friend to fellow Korean students and to promote Korean culture to non-Korean students at Langara.
You who are interested in Korean culture and language or want to make Korean friends are always welcome

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Langara Jewish Students Association

Our goal is to foster a pluralistic environment in which discussions and lifelong connections between Jewish and non-Jewish students can occur.

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Latin American Student Association Langara

Our purpose is to share the beautiful colours of the Latin American countries. Our objectives are to give more visibility to the Latinx and Hispanic communities in Langara, create a safe space for discussion of cultural topics, and celebrate Latin American traditions, festivities, sounds, art and poetry. We welcome everybody who wants to learn and discover the fascinating diversity of Latin America.

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Langara Muslim Student Association

Welcome, students of Langara! Here at the Langara Muslim Student Association, we aim to provide a safe place for all Muslims to practice our beautiful religion in harmony with student life and with enough support to strengthen them as individuals inside and outside the classroom. The MSA aims to create an open, nurturing environment for all students to connect with Islam on a deeper level at their own comfort and to form meaningful bonds with others through various club activities. Despite the different cultural backgrounds of
our student body, our goal is to build a healthy environment and encourage people to smile in our community!

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Taiwanese Association Langara

Our club is aiming to create a friendly environment not only for Taiwanese students but also for anyone interested in Taiwanese culture, activities, and food.

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Society For Homeless Health (not active)

We are a student run club dedicated to learning about and educating on the health needs of the homeless in the Metro Vancouver area and beyond. We host Red Cross Naloxone certification sessions, weekly discussions, hygiene drives, and guest speakers from different health care and service fields. This is an open space where everyone is encouraged to learn, ask questions, and develop their understanding of the homeless health crisis in our communities

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Langara Sustainability Club:

Create awareness about different environmental issues. Through social media presence and various events, engage the Langara community in education about sustainability and why it is so important. Serve as a channel to discuss environmental topics open to all Langara students. Help promote different projects and events on campus organized through collaboration with other clubs and departments.

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Chat Time 

Help new students make friends.
Help them learn how to live in Canada and strengthen their English..
Create an environment for everyone to speak their opinions and learn.

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Earth Nation Club

The Earth Nation Club provides education on how our planet has sustained life since the dawn of time and conservation for continued sustainance. 

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Mindfulness Meditation Club

Feeling stressed? Grab a friend and join us for some mindful meditation at Langara College.
This Mindful Meditation Club is here to help you de-stress, relax and find inner peace.
Get involved to gain a deep and meaningful experience of meditation today!
No experience or equipment needed.

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Langara Chess Club

Are you new to chess and want to learn the basics, or have you been playing for years and want to find new people to play? Come and join the chess club! We host regular meetups to teach lessons and to play matches with some events in the making. Want to learn more? Message us via email or IG.

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Langara Esports Association

LEA is excited to be back for the 2022/23 year and can’t wait to have you along for it! We are a non-profit student-led organization that hosts intercollegiate social and competitive events while also facilitating free
play on our Discord! Our events range from monthly Super Smash Ultimate tournaments on the Langara campus, to social out trips in our community! Having Pokémon TCG, Valorant, League of Legends, Minecraft and much more, Langara Esports Association has a game and a space for all! Come and make new friends with likeminded gamers today!

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Langara MMA

Langara's MMA Club focuses on training, fitness, and teaching the basics of mixed-martial arts. 

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Langara Taekwondo Club

This is an opportunity to learn Taekwondo, a traditional Korean martial arts and an Olympic sport. We will not only do Taekwondo but also various outdoor sports activities! It doesn't matter if you don't have any experience in Taekwondo. We are always welcome! If you're interested in health, fitness and self-defense, feel free to apply!

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Langara Ultimate Frisbee

Have you heard of Ultimate Frisbee? Have you ever played it? No matter what your previous experience is, this is your chance to play! We welcome new and experienced players. All are welcome to join the club!

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