Clubs are a great way to have fun, meet new people, and get involved in the campus community. Explore the options and see what interests you. 
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5 Benefits of joining a Student Club

  1. Make friends
  2. Learn more about yourself
  3. Build Skills
  4. Explore different interests
  5. Build your network

Explore the current list of student clubs for 2022–2023:

(listed alphabetically in each category)

Langara Digital Media Marketing Club:

The Langara Digital Media Marketing Club's goal is to introduce digital marketing to students in a professional way by presenting different career perspectives, promoting collaboration, and offering relevant learning opportunities, such as workshops, seminars and industry meetings. Especially, in this new normal, this club will help in developing a personal brand by leveraging multiple social media platforms.

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Langara Film Club:

The Langara Film Club aims to create a community for students who are interested in movies, and enrich college life through them. We provide opportunities to get connected with other movie lovers. We also provide screening events on campus to have fun and get refreshed.


Langara Accounting Club:

To support our members in pursuing an accounting career by helping them become well-rounded people. The Langara Accounting Club (LAC) accomplishes this by providing fellowship opportunities for Langara students interested in accounting and creating a supportive community, providing information about and maintaining close ties with the Canadian accounting designation Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), advising members interested in pursuing a career in accounting, creating opportunities to connect with potential employers, encouraging community volunteering and personal development beyond accounting.

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Applied Research Club:

Operating out of the Makerspace, our club aims to work with the Neil Squire Society in the Makers Making Change program.

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Langara Biology Club:

Our objective is to encourages all students to share our interest in the sciences, encourage student activities on campus and help students prepare for their futures in the science field or just enjoy the learning about how science is all around us.

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Langara Business Association:

The LBA aims to engage business students on campus through networking and educational activities that foster a culture of community.

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Langara Computer Science Club:

The Langara Computer Science Club is a student-run club dedicated to providing a space for all students enrolled in Computer Science courses and programs at Langara to network, help each other out, learn, and have fun! We host programming competitions, career advancement seminars, and networking events. During COVID-19 our Discord is serving as the primary means of communicating and hosting events virtually, so be sure to check it out!

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Langara HR Professionals Club:

The Langara HR Professionals Club’s goal is to introduce Human Resources (HR) as a professional career choice to students by presenting different HR career perspectives, promoting collaboration and offering relevant learning and networking opportunities. These opportunities include workshops, seminars and industry meetings.

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Langara Kinesiology Club:

The Langara Kinesiology club is dedicated to those interested in physical activity, health and wellness, and to Kinesiology students who want to practice the skills acquired in the program, learn more about career, get to know other people that share the same interests, and who want to get engaged with the community.

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Management In Motion Club:

To incur leadership and management skills among the individuals by encouraging them to participate in the activities mentioned below. The ideas and opinions of every individual will be entertained and in collaboration with the colleagues and industry experts, it provides them an opportunity to hone their skills as the experts will share their experience which will help them in bringing fresh ideas and those skills can be further implemented in the work environment where they may come across such situations day in day out.

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Langara Nutrition Club:

Are you a foodie or want to learn how to cook nourishing meals? Are you interested in the fields of food, nutrition and health? This club might be just what you were waiting for! Join the Langara Cooking Club where we meet biweekly and host online cooking workshops so you can join from the comfort of your home. In our club, you can learn practical cooking skills, share recipes and cooking tips with fellow students and engage in food-related activities that support our local community.

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Langara Philosophy Club:

Everyone is welcome, regardless of their experience level in philosophy! Our club is a safe and inclusive space to speak your mind and exchange opinions. We encourage members of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, religions, genders, orientations, and abilities to join our team. We believe in discussing big ideas, challenging ourselves to think critically, making good friends, and taking steps towards positive social change. **As of Fall 2020, we're hosting meetings over Discord. Email us or join our Facebook group for the server invite!

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Langara Project Management Club:

Project Management Club’s goal is to support the Langara community by being a source of project management knowledge, supporting professional development, providing hands-on opportunities, collaborating on internal projects and providing network opportunities with project management leaders from different industries.

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Langara Psychology Club:

The Langara Psychology Club is a non-profit club at Langara College that aims to provide resources to psychology students to better their understanding of the mental and physical health of others and themselves. Our vision is to enrich the experiences of psychology students by providing opportunities to engage with the community and attain first-hand experience. We plan to promote inclusion and connection by acting as a support system that facilitates opportunities.

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Langara Bhangra Club:

Our club aims to celebrate punjabi culture and folk dances at both individual and club level. We also wish to boost up the morale and creativity of students through promoting the physical, and mental health of our members.

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Garuda Indonesian Langara Association:

Our club aims to provide a home away from home for our fellow Indonesian Langarans whilst also promoting Indonesia by sharing our love for its culture.

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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Club:

Established in 2018, we seek to create a dynamic community on campus where students can explore, discover and deepen faith, encounter Jesus personally, in Scripture, and in community, develop meaningful friendships, and love our campus together well.

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Japanese Association Langara (JPAL):

Assist to create a community between students who have an interest to learn Japanese. In addition, we like to provide an environment to enhance the conversation skill of English and Japanese learners.

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Langara Jewish Students Association:

Our goal is to foster a pluralistic environment in which discussions and lifelong connections between Jewish and non-Jewish students can occur.

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Langara Muslim Student Association:

The Langara Muslim Student Association strives to provide a safe space for all muslim and non muslim individuals in the Langara Community.

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Latin American Student Association Langara:

Our purpose is to share the beautiful colours of the Latin American countries. Our objectives are to give more visibility to the Latinx and Hispanic communities in Langara, create a safe space for discussion of cultural topics, and celebrate Latin American traditions, festivities, sounds, art and poetry. We welcome everybody who wants to learn and discover the fascinating diversity of Latin America.

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The Yeshua.Yahweh Club, or 1Love4Life's mission is to empower students and all people to:
- understand what life is about; purpose and potential (Faith & Spirituality Development)
- discover holistic health practices (healthy student care & relationships)
- learn about the society, humanity/self, and the world (outreach, advocacy, & socio-cultural-political
- engage with the community meaningfully (employment, volunteering, entrepreneurship guidance)

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Every Nation Campus - Langara:

Every Nation Campus empowers students for LIFE - leadership, integrity, faith, and excellence.

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Girl Up Langara:

Girl Up Langara is a chapter of the Girl Up Campaign, a movement hosted by the United Nations Foundation. We provide a safe space to acknowledge, discuss and raise awareness on gender issues, women empowerment, gender inequality and presence of women in STEM.

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Langara Love Your Neighbour Club:

Love Your Neighbour is an international volunteer society that encourages people from different age groups and ethnicities to help their communities.

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Langara Sustainability Club:

Create awareness about different environmental issues. Through social media presence, engage the Langara community in education about sustainability and why it is so important. Serve as a channel to discuss environmental topics open to all Langara students. Help promote different projects and events on campus organized through collaboration with Langara Sustainability Ambassadors and other groups/clubs.

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Arctic Developmental Management Club

We have a situation on hand. The Arctic has melted alarmingly faster than the Canadian Government anticipated. On top of that, Canada has massively underfunded its Arctic region for the last multiple decades, and the Arctic is now rapidly becoming more valuable than any other region in history. The Arctic Developmental Management Club (ADMC) allows Langara and her students to tap into a once in a Glacial Epoch opportunity to help shape the flow of Arctic development at a critical time.

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Chat Time 

Help new students make friends.
Help them improve their social and English skills.
Create an environment for everyone to speak their opinions and learn.

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Langara Cryptocurrency Club

The Langara Cryptocurrency club's goal is to introduce, discuss, and evaluate current market trends. The way we achieve our goal is participating in group discussions, seminars and partnering with local financial institutions. This will open the doorway to inspire the financial leaders of the future, and be a part of a growing, collaborative team that incentivizes fun in investing.

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Google Developer Student Club - Langara College 

Developer Student Club is an initiative by Google for college students interested in developer technologies. Students from all undergraduate or graduate programs with an interest in growing as a developer are welcome. By joining a GDSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community.

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Langara Esports Association:

We are a non-profit student-run organization that hosts a variety of events for games including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and Super Smash Bros Our organization is centered in the South Vancouver area, with events that will be open to the general public. We welcome anyone interested in meeting new friends and having a great time.

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Langara MMA:

Langara's MMA Club focuses on training, fitness, and teaching the basics of mixed-martial arts. 

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Langara Ultimate Frisbee:

Have you heard of Ultimate Frisbee? Have you ever played it? No matter what your previous experience is, this is your chance to play! We welcome new and experienced players. All are welcome to join the club!

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