Clubs are a great way to have fun, meet new people, and get involved in the campus community. Explore the options and see what interests you. Don't see what you're looking for? Learn about how you can start your own club.

Explore the current list of student clubs for 2020–2021:

(listed alphabetically in each category)

Langara Digital Media Marketing Club:

The Langara Digital Media Marketing Club's goal is to introduce digital marketing to students in a professional way by presenting different career perspectives, promoting collaboration, and offering relevant learning opportunities, such as workshops, seminars and industry meetings. Especially, in this new normal, this club will help in developing a personal brand by leveraging multiple social media platforms.

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Langara Accounting Club:

To support our members in pursuing an accounting career by helping them become well-rounded people. The Langara Accounting Club accomplishes this by: providing fellowship opportunities for Langara students interested in accounting, providing information about and maintaining close ties with the Canadian accounting designation (Chartered Professional Accountant, CPA), advising members interested in pursuing a career in accounting, creating opportunities to connect with potential employers, encouraging community volunteering and personal development beyond accounting. 

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Langara BCCNP Student Group:

BCCNP (formerly CRNBC) Langara Student Group is a student group comprised of nursing students from Terms 1 through 9. During our monthly meetings, we discuss case studies relevant to student nurse practice using real life examples and apply them to the BCCNP standards. We also hold workshops and events that are hosted by the student group members.

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Langara Biology Club Evolved:

Our objective is to encourages all students to share our interest in the sciences, encourage student activities on campus and
help students prepare for their futures in the science field or just enjoy the learning about how science is all around us.

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Data Analytics Club:

To bring awareness and opportunities, and the latest buzz to the club members and help them stay connected in the dataanalytics field by:
- helping students, especially students in Data Analytics programs, to achieve better understanding of the materials in Data Analytics courses as well as adjust their life at Langara College
- exploring and sharing tools or technologies in the field that may not necessarily be accessible in the traditional classroom settings
- collaborating in data analytics projects or external events (like Hack-a-thon) with other students in a competitive but friendly environment
- providing a platform and networking opportunity where current students meet with graduates of the program as well as industryleaders

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Langara HR Professionals Club:

The Langara HR Professionals Club’s goal is to introduce Human Resources (HR) as a professional career choice to students by presenting different HR career perspectives, promoting collaboration and offering relevant learning and networking opportunities. These opportunities include workshops, seminars and industry meetings.

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Management In Motion:

Gain experience by participating in projects and helping current students by providing feedback in courses. Some of the projects on the table at the moment are:
Producing a professional series of videos for a specific area or faculty, or on a regional issue, and organizing a Biz-athon to be shown to a panel of industry specialists.

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Langara Project Management Club:

Promote Project Management knowledge to Langara students by providing relevant learning opportunities, fostering engagement, and creating networking opportunities.

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Langara Psychology Club:

We are a community where anyone who has an interest in psychology is welcome to join in and contribute.Our members are introduced to topics, research, and experimental materials that they do not normally experience within the classroom setting. We strive to foster relationships between students and the faculty of psychology, and the relationships between 2nd and 1st-year psychology students.

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Langara Chinese Student and Scholars Association:

Our goal is to help all students fit their new lives and provide support. In order to introduce Chinese culture, we like celebrating Chinese festivals, holding interesting events and playing games together. Join us as you want to learn Chinese culture and make Chinese friends. We are willing to build a bridge between Chinese culture and non-Chinese culture. We stay as a family. Peace and Love.

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InterVarsity At Langara:

We create Christian communities on campus where students can explore, discover and deepen faith, develop friendships and make a difference in the world.

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Langara Jewish Students Association:

Our goal is to foster a pluralistic environment in which discussions and lifelong connections between Jewish and non-Jewish students can occur.

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Langara Muslim Student Association:

The Langara Muslim Student Association strives to provide an Islamic environment on campus for both Muslims and those interested in learning about Islam.

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Langara Vietnamese Student Society (VSS): Dormant for Summer

Creating a lasting connection in the Vietnamese community by strengthening cultural ties, promoting leadership through organizing social events, cultural events, and collaborations..

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Every Nation Campus - Langara:

Every Nation Campus empowers students for LIFE - leadership, integrity, faith, and excellence.

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Langara Focus Club:

The Langara Focus Club, or the Friendship of Overseas College and University Students Club, is a faith based club open to all students regardless of background. We discuss issues and topics of interest to international students, make new friends, explore places of interest, and celebrate cultural holidays.

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Langara International Socialists:

Our club holds information forums about socialism and organizes, along with other campus groups, realistic solutions to oppression, climate change, economic crisis and war.

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Langara Love Your Neighbour Club:

Love Your Neighbour is an international volunteer society that encourages people from different age groups and ethnicities to
help their community.

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Langara Pride Club: Dormant for Summer

The purpose of the Langara Pride Club is to foster inclusion and diversity through discussions, socializing, club meetings, and the celebration of pride.

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Langara Kendo Club: Dormant for Summer

Our kendo club was founded in the fall of 2012 to organize and promote the learning and practice of kendo at Langara College. Kendo has been established in Canada for many years, and our club’s mission is to bring together that experience and provide a venue for new members, both experienced and beginners, to practice and socialize.

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