Student clubs are a great way to have fun, meet new people, and get involved in the campus community.

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Five Benefits of joining a Student Club

  1. You'll get to meet and connect with diverse groups of people 

  2. You can find or build community

  3. You'll develop new skills 

  4. You can build your network

  5. It's FUN!

Explore the current list of student clubs for 2023–2024:

Check back periodically as the list gets updated. All clubs are listed in alphabetical order.

Langara Book Club

A club made for students who enjoy reading. The Book Club welcomes all students to participate and talk
about all types of books students have read or want to read.

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Langara Brain Fusion Podcast Club

Dive into Langara Brain Fusion podcast, the ultimate creative playground where your hobbies, from
content creation and production to music and culinary arts, transform into portfolio gold. Join our vibrant
hub to start a legendary journey of learning and creativity, where teamwork evolves into a network of
friendships and a standout portfolio. Collaborate, learn, and unleash your creativity with us - ready to
make this semester unforgettable? Join the fusion!

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Langara Creation & Collaboration Club

The Langara creative collaboration club is a space for students of Langara to share their creative pursuits and find other students who are interested in collaborating to further their creative visions. Including, but not limited to, music, visual arts, dance, film, photography, and even cooking. Meetings will include sharing of projects, whether they be new ideas or finished works, and open discussion on various categories of design and art. Students are also welcome to observe, socialize, relax, de-stress, and are not required to be creative or make their own projects, although it is encouraged.

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Langara Music Club

Langara Music Club aims to unite musicians, creating a supportive community for friendship, skill
enhancement, and mutual growth. Join us as we foster connections, Providing a platform for musicians to
learn, collaborate, and flourish together.

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Langara Accounting Club

The Langara Accounting Club (LAC) aspires to prepare and support Langara College students in becoming outstanding business professionals, well-rounded individuals, and leaders willing and able to make significant contributions to their communities.

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Langara Applied Science Research Club

The Langara Engineering Society aims to bring together Applied Science students. Students can discuss
and work on projects in the Makerspace and participate in social meetups/outtings. We will use 3D
printers to work with the Neil Squire Society to print projects that aid with accessibility.

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Langara Biology Club

The Langara Biology Club provides as a means to bridge student engagement and an appreciation for
the natural world currently working in and around all of us! Working in accordance with the Biology
Department, our goal is to cultivate a diverse and open resource space not only for those studying
biology but for anyone with a general interest in life science. The club also aims to increase and
strengthen a sense of community amongst its members through various events, wherein students can
further apply what they learn towards their own long-term goals and career aspirations.

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Langara Business Association

Join the Langara Business Association Club and connect with like-minded students passionate about
business. Gain valuable insights, network with industry professionals, and participate in exciting events
and workshops to enhance your business skills. Together, let's thrive in the world of business!

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Langara Computer Science Club

The Langara Computer Science Club is dedicated to furthering the interests of students studying computer science at Langara College. Our goal is to improve the state of student life at Langara by providing a space for students outside of their studies. We invite students from all majors to join our programming workshops and social meetups that are held every few weeks. Our club also holds special events such as a UBC/SFU transfer panel and the inaugural Langara Hacks! 2023. We are also excited to offer leadership opportunities to computer science students in the form of executive positions, which are a great way to learn new skills and to gain leadership experience.
Join us today by following our instagram and joining our discord.

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Langara Debate Club

The main objective of our club is to improve other students speaking skills to have a better conversation. Second, there is not a lot of group debate opportunities for students after high school. Because of this, we want to be the ones to provide that opportunity. Third, we want to elevate the level of conversation between students to have productive exchanges of ideas. Fourth, our goal is to build confidence in both international and domestic students in communicating and expressing complex ideas in English. 

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Langara Digital Media Marketing Club

Langara Digital Media Marketing Club is a dynamic Club at Langara College dedicated to bridging the
gap between academic coursework and practical skills in digital marketing and social media. The club
focuses on enhancing students' knowledge and experience by organizing community-based events and
workshops. Additionally, the club actively shares free, informative content on social media platforms like Instagram, making it an accessible resource for students eager to learn and grow in the field of digital media marketing.

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Langara Economics Club

The Langara Economics Club is a dynamic platform for students interested in economics, offering
engaging discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities. Our club fosters an inclusive
environment where members explore economic theories and their real-world applications, enriching the
academic and social experience at Langara College.

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Langara Finance Club

The Langara Finance Club is dedicated to enhancing understanding and interest in the field of finance. It
offers members opportunities to engage in discussions and networking events with industry
professionals, while also helping them develop practical skills and build connections for future careers.

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Langara Geography and Urban Studies Club

The Langara Geography and Urban Studies Club (GUS Club) aims to provide students with a keen
interest in Geography and Urban Studies a space to broaden their knowledge, make new friends, and to
learn more about the quickly growing urban world around them.

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Langara Geology Club

The Langara Geology club is determined to provide interested students a window of opportunity to participate in geological discussions, create educational mineral displays for the broader student body and meet like-minded curious individuals to build a community in the Earth-Sciences niche. Our objective is to offer a stimulating environment for students to explore their geological interests while connecting with the immediate and broader community around them.

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Langara Kinesiology Association

The Langara Kinesiology Association (Langkinsa) offers a variety of opportunities for all students thus enhancing their time here in Langara College. The association will offer a community that allows students to easily meet others, to do various of activities together, to enhance student's knowledge regarding one's health, both physically and mentally. In addition, the club aims to inform students about volunteering or internship opportunities regarding to kinesiology and other similar fields, admissions to master programs, medical school and more.

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Langara Management in Motion Club

The club aims to help students be involved in a place of management. We believe that everyone has the potential to become a great leader, but they need the right environment and the support system to fully flourish.

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Langara Negotiation Club

The Negotiation Club's purpose is to provide Langara College students with a platform to develop and enhance their negotiation skills. The club aims to create a supportive and interactive environment where students (members) fromdiverse academic backgrounds can learn, practice, and apply negotiation techniques in various contexts.

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Langara Nutrition Club

The Langara Nutrition Club aims to share up to date research-based information regarding healthy nutrition tips, facts, and information. In addition, the club aims to motivate people to have an active lifestyle through exercises that are fun and safe, and create activities for Langara's community that involves nutrition awareness, education, and prevention.

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Langara Philosophy Club

The main objective of Langara Philosophy Club is to provide students with community, a comfortable space to explore topics related to philosophy, and to support philosophical development. The club also helps students gain support in introductory philosophy courses by providing students with opportunities to peer tutor and work on assignments together. 

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Langara Project Management Club (PMC)

Our mission is to promote project management knowledge to Langara students by providing learning opportunities, fostering management and networking.

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Langara Psychology Club

The Langara Psychology Club aims to provide resources to psychology students to better their understanding of the mental and physical health of others and themselves. Our vision is to enrich the experiences of psychology students by providing opportunities to engage with the community and attain first-hand experience. We plan to promote inclusion and connection by acting as a support system that facilitates opportunities for students from all walks of life.

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Langara Real Estate Club

Langara Real Estate Club (LREC) is a student organization dedicated to advancing knowledge and
interest in the real estate industry. This is the nursing ground for students who aim to become real estate
professionals in the fields of appraisal, real estate trading, property management, mortgage brokerage,
and construction and development.

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Langara School of Management Consulting Club

Through mock case competitions and skill development workshops, Langara School of Management Consulting Club aims to provide mentorship to Langara students for real-life business consulting skills in all areas of business. The club was created to increase participation in internal and external business case competitions and also to provide a space for striving Langara students to network with each other. We encourage non-business students to also participate as knowledge in other domains of study will make recommendations more diverse and unique to address complex real-world problems.

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 Langara Black Student Union (LBSU)

Our goal is to create a community that caters to the needs of Black students at Langara College. We will strive to represent and celebrate Black culture by organizing events, networking, providing educational resources and leadership forums to Black students at Langara College.

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Every Nation Club Langara

Our club aims to build community and create space for honest, open discussion on life, faith and spirituality.

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Garuda Indonesian Langara Association

Our club aims to provide a home away from home for our fellow Indonesian Langarans whilst also promoting Indonesia by sharing our love for its culture.

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Langara Genders and Sexualities Alliance

The LGSA aims to provide a safe and accepting community to LGBT+ students through practical and emotional support as well as providing socialization opportunities.

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Japanese Association Langara (JPAL)

Assist to create a community between students who have an interest to learn Japanese. In addition, we like to provide an environment to enhance the conversation skill of English and Japanese learners.

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Korean Student Association
An-nyeong, there!
An-nyeong is the most common greeting in Korean, meaning "Wish you well-being."
We are Korean Student Association (KSA) that constitutes Korean students at Langara, and we exist to be a good help and friend to fellow Korean students and to promote Korean culture to non-Korean students at Langara.
You who are interested in Korean culture and language or want to make Korean friends are always welcome

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Latin American Student Association Langara

Our purpose is to share the beautiful colours of the Latin American countries. Our objectives are to give more visibility to the Latinx and Hispanic communities in Langara, create a safe space for discussion of cultural topics, and celebrate Latin American traditions, festivities, sounds, art and poetry. We welcome everybody who wants to learn and discover the fascinating diversity of Latin America.

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Langara Muslim Student Association

Welcome, students of Langara! Here at the Langara Muslim Student Association, we aim to provide a safe place for all Muslims to practice our beautiful religion in harmony with student life and with enough support to strengthen them as individuals inside and outside the classroom. The MSA aims to create an open, nurturing environment for all students to connect with Islam on a deeper level at their own comfort and to form meaningful bonds with others through various club activities. Despite the different cultural backgrounds of
our student body, our goal is to build a healthy environment and encourage people to smile in our community!

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Langara Persian Club

The Persian Club's main purpose is to promote and celebrate Persian culture, language, and heritage within the Langara College community. It aims to create a welcoming environment for students interested in Persian culture, fostering cultural exchange, education, and social connections through events, workshops, and activities related to Persian traditions, history, language, and art.

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Langara Punjabi Association

The Langara Punjabi Association is a vibrant student club at Langara College dedicated to promoting Punjabi culture, language, and lifestyle within the college community. We warmly welcome everyone to join us in celebrating the richness and diversity of Punjabi heritage, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

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Langara All-About Games Club

The Langara All-About Game Club (LAAGC) fosters an inclusive and enjoyable environment for everyone
through playing board games and other interactive games. Furthermore, boardgames are not just about
rolling dice and moving pieces; they are a powerful tool for social interaction, strategic thinking, and, most
importantly, creating memorable moments. Therefore, we believe that board games provide a unique
avenue for bonding, laughter, and shared experiences, creating a stronger sense of belonging within our
diverse student community.

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Langara Earth Nation Club

Earth Nation aims to educate students about the importance of biodiversity, role played by different species in the Ecosystem and their conservation for continued sustainance.

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Langara Ink & Dice Association

The Langara Club “The Ink and Dice Association” is a Creative Writing and Dungeons & Dragons Club. There are two primary objectives for this club, they are as follows: Firstly, the club will provide place in which creatures can meet where they may share and get feedback on their creative writing.
Secondly, the club will provide a space for students to get together to learn, play and “run” a game of Dungeon and Dragons.

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Langara Anime Association

The Anime Association at Langara College aims to make student life more fun and diverse by bringing together anime fans, fostering creativity, and reducing stress through shared interests and activities.

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Langara Chess Club

Are you new to chess and want to learn the basics, or have you been playing for years and want to find new people to play? Come and join the chess club! We host regular meetups to teach lessons and to play matches with some events in the making. Want to learn more? Message us via email or IG.

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Langara Esports Association

LEA is excited to be back for yet another year and can’t wait to have you along for it! We are a non-profit student-led organization that hosts intercollegiate social and competitive events while also facilitating free play on our Discord! Our casual events range from weekly in-houses/meetups for games such as League, Valorant, Smash, and Pokemon TCG, to club-wide offline meetups such as arcade hangouts! We welcome players of any level and skill so come join our Discord and make new friends with like-minded gamers today!

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Langara Love Your Neighbour Club

We are a student led volunteering group with a vision to serve the community. We will provide volunteering and skill development opportunities for Langara students. Students who want to give back to the community and sharpen their skills will benefit from joining. We aim to create and maintain a safe and inclusive environment where we can be grateful, cheerful, and helpful.


Langara Socialist Club

The Langara Socialist Club believes in re-imagining our world and in the collective power of students and
workers to push for that change. This club will learn and grow as its members do, but will be founded as
a space that tries to embody: Socialism and anti-capitalism, climate justice, care and collectivity over
individualism, support for Indigenous sovereignty, and active support for oppressed peoples.

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Langara Sustainability Club

The Langara Sustainability Club (LSC) centers its efforts on educating and raising awareness about
various environmental issues. Through active engagement on social media and hosting diverse events,
the club aims to highlight the importance of sustainability and its relevance in our daily lives. It stands as
an open forum for all Langara students to explore and discuss environmental topics, as well as
organizing sustainability-focused projects and events in collaboration with other clubs and departments
on campus.

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