Please note: the process for logging and verifying VOLT volunteer hours has changed, effective September 7, 2021.  


 Current VOLT volunteers 

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Current VOLT volunteers are defined as students who have previously 1) Joined the VOLT Program AND 2) submitted volunteer hours for approval prior to August 13, 2021.

  • Current VOLT volunteers will be emailed a username and password to a personalized MyImpact profile on September 7.
  • Once you have registered your profile on MyImpact, you can access your profile online OR, via the MyImpact App.  
    • Download the app on your Apple or Android phone. 
  • If you have previously logged hours with the VOLT program, but have not received your account by email from VOLT, please contact us at



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How to submit my volunteer hours:  

Step 1: Log in to your MyImpact account to log your volunteer hours. 

Step 2: Complete and submit a Volunteer Hours Verification Form. This form will be automatically sent to the organization or agency supervisor to verify your hours.  

Note: If you do not complete both steps in the process (Log Hours + Hours Verification Form), the VOLT team will not be able to approve your volunteer hours. 

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