OFFICE UPDATE: In light of the recent developments around COVID-19, the Hub will be temporarily ceasing face-to-face services until further notice (with the exception of the Community Cupboard). Please email if you have any questions.

The Hub Team is available virtually Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. The Hub is located in Room A140, but for the meantime, we are available online (see virtual office hours below).

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For External Organizations: Submit a volunteer opportunity posting through our volunteer opportunities form. Eligible volunteer opportunities (for nonprofit and public service organizations) are posted to VOLT's Volunteer Opportunities Page.


Maggie Stewart Coordinator, VOLT (Student Volunteer Program)

Email (preferred):
Office Hours (virtual): [coming soon]

More about Maggie (she/her):

Maggie is proud to oversee the programs she "grew up in". VOLT, Clubs, and community events greatly helped Maggie develop leadership skills when she attended Langara from 2009 to 2015. She graduated with a Associates Degree in General Science with citations in Ecology and Environmental Studies from Langara, then pursued two certificates from Langara Continuing Studies (Volunteer Coordination, Management Skills), while studying at BCIT (Diploma Fish & Wildlife, BSc Ecological Restoration) and working at Langara College. She has worked in the OSE - the Hub since 2014.


"No one says when they're young that they want to be a volunteer or student engagement manager when they grow up!", Maggie jokes, "But my time in this profession has been incredibly rewarding - I love to work with the students, watch them grow and develop, and help them get to where they want to go"


In her spare time, Maggie plays fast-pitch softball in a queer woman's league, spends time with her partner Nic (she/her) and dog Kona, and finds every opportunity to watch wildlife in nature.

Anthony Virdo Student Engagement Officer

Email (preferred):
Office Hours (virtual): [coming soon]

More about Tony (he/him):

Tony is also a proud Langara alumnus that joined the OSE team officially in 2018. He studied Pyschology, first at Langara (Diploma Pyschology) then at SFU (BA in Pyschology). 

"I used to be shy", Tony remembers, "but volunteering to give tours and eventually through my leadership in student clubs, I really came out of my shell. I pushed myself to speak infront of groups and ended up developing into a public speaking professional."

In his spare time, Tony ice skates, practices guitar, and hikes. He holds many community leadership positions (eg, Project Lead with TEDxSFU 2020).

Britanny Lequyer Student Engagement Assistant

Office Hours (virtual): by appointment, please email Britanny to set up a time

More about Britanny (she/her):

Britanny has been supporting and delivering OSE programs since 2017, and works hard to streamline and improve the student experience. She has studied Fashion Merchandising at Blanche Macdonald, and English at Douglas College. She is currently finishing up her BA in English from UBC.

"My favorite part is working with the students", Britanny smiles, "I love talking and connecting with them, and with every email I send, I know it improves their experience."

In her spare time, Britanny enjoys playing with her dog Bruno, crafting, baking, and listening to incredibly diverse music playlists.