UPDATE: Effective January 2024, no application will be required for VOLT recognition. Volunteers who have their hours logged and approved in MyImpact will automatically be recognized by the Office for Student Engagement for the level they are eligible for.


50 Hours  100 Hours  200 Hours

The Office for Student Engagement recognizes all volunteers who are enrolled in the VOLT Volunteer Program once they have sucessfully logged and approved 50, 100 or 200 hours in MyImpact.  

Volunteer Levels 

  • Level One: 50 Approved Volunteer Hours 
  • Level Two: 100 Approved Volunteer Hours 
  • Level Three: 200 Approved Volunteer Hours 

For each level, volunteers will receive: 

  • A completion certificate 
  • A non-credit course on a Continuing Studies Transcript 
  • A badge in your MyImpact Account

Remember to log your volunteer hours on a consistent basis so that you can be recognized for your volunteerism every semester. All volunteers must have their hours approved before the following dates:

  • January 15th
  • May 15th
  • September 15th

Which hours are eligible for VOLT Recognition? 

Hours that are: 

  • Completed while you were/are a Langara student (e.g. you must have been/be enrolled as a student at Langara College while you completed the entire duration of the volunteer experience) 
  • Completed on-campus or off-campus for non-profit, charity and/or public service organizations (e.g. unpaid work for a for-profit company is not eligible for VOLT Recognition) 

Once you have more than 50 hours logged, you may also be eligible for the Jade Volunteering Excellence Award.