Are you a new to snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ Langara student and have questions about student orientation? We have answers for you.

We know that there are lots of different orientation options for you to choose from, and we want you to begin your first week feeling more confident and prepared. Here are the details for Spring 2024 orientation programming:



Welcome to Langara Online Orientation

It is a general orientation event for all new students (domestic and international). Here, you will learn more about expectations in the classroom, what to expect in the first semester, where to access support and resources to support your social, academic, physical, and mental well-being, and hear from current students about a day in the life of a student at Langara.

If you are an international student, you are encouraged to attend Welcome to Langara Online AND International Student Orientation (ISO).

International Student Orientation 

ISO is essential for new international students starting their studies at Langara College. ISO helps you understand some of the cultural and academic differences you may encounter in your classes, navigate your immigration and health responsibilities, and introduce you to what services and support Langara Global can provide for you. For specific orientation dates and times, please check your student emails. If by far you have not received any notification, please email globalexp@langara.ca. Learn more at Langara Global.

Langara School of Management Orientations

It is for students enrolled in either the Diploma / Bachelor of Business Administration or the Post Degree Diploma (PDD) program. By watching your program-specific orientation video, you will learn about program requirements, tips for success, and handy resources that will guide you through your program.

If you have questions about PDD orientation, contact business@langara.ca.






The Spring 2024 Orientation Programming will be delivered in a variety of formats:

  • Welcome to Langara (online synchronous), December 14, 2023 (4:30 pm - 6:00 pm, PST)
  • International Student Orientation, Session 1: December 15, 2023 (7:00 am-9:00 am PST ), Session 2: December 18, 2023 (5:30 pm-7:30 pm PST).
  • Langara School of Management (online asynchronous)
  • Campus Tours (in-person), January 2, 2024 (10:30 am, 12:30 pm, 2:30 pm)


Orientation events are designed to provide you with a strong foundation to begin your Langara journey. Students who participate in orientation activities share that they feel more connected to the College, more prepared to start their first semester, are more aware of different campus resources and services, and more confident in navigating their way around campus. 


Want to start your Langara Orientation experience early? Check out the New Student Experience page >>

  • All new-to-Langara students, domestic and international who have registered in classes for the Spring 2024 semester, are eligible to attend Welcome to Langara Online Orientation and any of the in-person Back-to-School events. 
  • If you are a new international student, we recommend that you attend one of the International Orientation Sessions.
  • If you are also a student accepted into the Langara School of Management Post Degree Diploma, or Bachelor or Business Diploma Program, you must watch your program-specific orientation video.

Orientation programming is designed specifically for students to meet and connect with other students, therefore we recommend that your family members do not attend.

However, we encourage your parents and supporters to check out Tips for Parent and Supporters >> to learn more about the College, and gain a greater understanding of the resources and opportunities available to students.

All new students admitted to Langara and who have registered for Spring 2024 classes will receive an email invitation to register for either Welcome to Langara Online Orientation, International Student Orientation or January 2nd Campus Tours. 




If you registered for the wrong Orientation date and you are unable to update your registration in Eventbrite, please contact orientation@langara.ca before trying to register for another session.


A member of the Orientation Planning team will respond within 2 business days.




All new students admitted to Langara and who have registered for Spring 2024 classes will receive an email invitation.


If you have been accepted to Langara but have not registered for Spring 2024 courses, you are not eligible to register for Orientation events.

Don't worry, we have you covered. 


In the meantime, we encourage you to Get Ahead of the Curve by taking advantage of some of the following tips below:


Get Ahead of the Curve


1. Check out New Student Experience Page

to learn more about various aspects of student life outside of the classroom.

2. Complete your Langara Student Success Course (LSSC) before classes start to get the most out of your orientation opportunities.

Starting college is a big step. The Langara Student Success Course (LSSC) » prepares you for academic life at Langara and introduces you to key supports available on campus and online.

The LSSC will be available to you starting August 8, 2023, through your Langara Brightspace account, and it's free! The LSSC is accessible 24/7, offers virtual office hours with the course instructor, and has tips and strategies to get you ready to be a successful online learner.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • know what to expect in a college classroom

  • have the tools to be successful in your studies

  • have strategies to study effectively

  • have new organizational and time management skills

  • Read the step-by-step instructions for help accessing the LSSC Course here »

3. Visit the Student Links website for Pro-tips and your To-Do List.

Save time and make your life easier by visiting Student Links».

Complete the new student to-do list, check out the pro-tips and find out what services are available to support you.

4. Get social.

Follow @LangaraCollege on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates, photos, giveaways, and more.

Follow @LangaraGlobal on Instagram for the latest updates, contests, and more related to international students.

Follow @LangaraGatheringSpace on Instagram for the latest updates, contests, and info from the Langara Gathering Space.

Follow @LangaraFalcons on Twitter and Instagram for the latest schedule updates, roster updates, and all things Athletics & Intramurals-related.

5. Introduce your parents and supporters to key resources and services.

Your parents and supporters play an important role in your success as a student. However, Fall 2024 Parents and Supporters Orientation is not confirmed yet. Meanwhile, please review the Parents and Supporters website » to learn about different resources and ways to support your college transition and throughout your student journey.


If you have any questions, please email orientation@langara.ca.



Newly admitted international students are encouraged to visit the "Orientation Resources" page, created by Langara Global. 

Visit the Orientation Resources page to download some key resources to get you set up for success in your first semester, including: 

Please indicate your accomodations while registering for Orientation events. In addition, you can contact the Orientation Planning Team at orientation@langara.ca as soon as you register. 


Please indicate the events you've registered for and your student ID number in the email.

  • If you have registered to attend Welcome to Langara Online and you have questions before the event, please email orientation@langara.ca.
  • If you are an international student and have specific questions regarding the international student orientation experience, please contact: globalexp@langara.ca 
  • If you have registered to attend either the Langara School of Management Post Degree Diploma or BBA/Diploma of Business Orientation, and you have questions before the event, contact business@langara.ca
  • If you have registered to attend a Campus Tour for New Students and you have questions before the event, please email orientation@langara.ca