GO Team Volunteers

Every semester, Langara welcomes hundreds of new students to campus. GO Team Volunteers play a key role in welcoming new students and helping them become active members of the Langara community by introducing them to people, physical spaces, involvement opportunities and support services to make the orientation and transition to Langara easier & more fun!

Explore the Frequently Asked Questions below to find out more about the GO Team, including how to apply.

Applications are now open, and you can apply here. Prior to applying, please read the information below carefully to ensure you meet requirements and can commit to the duties of the role.




Email Vivian at vli@langara.ca

GO Team volunteers make the transition to Langara easier and more fun while connecting new students with the people, tools, resources, and services they need to become successful Langara students.
The peer-to-peer approach allows new students to engage and connect in a relaxed environment through the support of trained student volunteers. 


When you become a GO Team volunteer, you join a program that is focused on helping you improve your communication, leadership, and cultural awarness and community building skills.
The GO Team is open to any Langara student. Don't worry if you don't have any experience volunteering at Langara, or if it's your first semester at Langara. Our team of dedicated Student Engagement staff will be there to support you and help you gain the skills and confidence you need to make an impact through volunteering.




  • Currently registered as a student at Langara, in Regular or Continuing Studies (Fall 2023 semester).
  • Is able to commit time for the scheduled training sessions throughout the Fall term (see "What kind of training will I receive?" for further details and dates)
    • For new members: attend ALL training workshops and one selection session
    • For returning members: attend the Campus Tour and Resources workshop and one selection session
  • Enthusiastic and curious to learn.
  • Should be able to volunteer for at least
    • One campus tour and one wayfinding shift in the first week of January 2024. OR
    • Two wayfinding shifts and the spring social event during Welcome Week, January 2024
(Please note that these are the minimum required shifts you have to volunteer for, you can always volunteer for more shifts.)

Volunteering with GO Team offers you a unique opportunity to be a part of the Langara community and help new students transition to college while developing and improving valuable skills like leadership, communication, and networking. Plus you'll make plenty of new connections.

 Here's some examples of what GO Team volunteers will gain from the role: 

  • You'll build and support an engaged community of new students.
  • You'll develop your facilitation skills through leading icebreakers with a diverse group of students and peers.
  • You'll develop your intercultural communication skills through attending Cultural Awareness training.
  • You'll build on your understanding of key campus resources and services and learn how and when to refer students. 
  • You'll build leadership, teamwork and public speaking skills through working collaboratively with peers and professional staff.
  • You'll meet lots of people and make lasting friendships - you might even become Langara famous!

All GO Team volunteers will receive:

  • Volunteer hours for every completed training session and volunteer shifts
  • Specialized training sessions
  • A chance to make a difference in the Langara community 
  • The opportunity to make new friends
  • A volunteer appreciation letter and additional recognition throughout the program

As a GO Team member, you'll welcome and connect with new students and help with facilitating group activities. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Build and support an engaged community of new students
  • Facilitate the delivery of Orientation programming
  • Assist new students in navigating campus
  • Role model inclusive, respectful and welcoming student leadership
  • Engage with students, make them comfortable, and answer their questions to help with their transition to College
  • Refer students to key resources, services and departments to support the transition

GO Team Training includes:

  • Welcome to GO/Cultural Awareness Workshop: October 27, 4:30 PM-6:30 PM

The location and mode of delivery of each module will be updated soon. Keep checking back for more details. 

After attending the above mentioned workshops, everyone will go through a selection process. You can come to either one of these based on your availability:


Orientations programming is modified to meet the different demands and circumstances of each semester. As a result, the responsibilities of the GO Team will vary between each semester. In the Spring 2024 semester, GO Team will have the opportunity to:

  • Facilitate campus tours (Jan. 2)
  • Provide wayfinding support (Jan. 3-5)
  • Support the Spring Student Social (Jan.11)