Langara College is pleased to provide support for student clubs in an effort to enhance the student life opportunities on campus. Students who wish to establish a recognized club on campus need to complete this application package and agree to all expectations outlined by the College.

Club applications are accepted all year round and need to be submitted to the Office for Student Engagement. Official club status for all clubs will expire on August 31 of each year and, therefore, clubs who wish to renew their status must submit a new application package with updated information.

Applications require endorsement from the Club Recognition Committee in order to be considered for official club status. The Club Recognition Committee will normally consist of the Manager for Student Engagement, Director of Athletics and Intramurals, and an International Student Coordinator. The Dean of Student Services will grant final approval.

Benefits for establishing a student club:

  • Club leaders will have access to booking the College facilities for no cost.
  • Clubs will receive support promoting club and club activities through the College website, social media, posters, and publications.
  • Clubs will have an opportunity to participate in Clubs Day, held at the start of the fall and spring semesters.
  • Each club will have a locker for club materials.


  • Leaders must be registered as full-time equivalent students.
  • Must The club must have a minimum of five Langara students who are registered at the time of participation with the club.
  • All club members must be Langara students.

Note: clubs are only permitted to hold off-campus activities that have been approved through the 'application for off-campus activities' process. Any off-campus events not approved through this process are not considered official club activities.