What is a club?

A club is a student-run organization consisting of 10 or more Langara College student members that is dedicated an to a particular interest or activity that is shared with its members.   


Looking to start a new club at Langara?

Langara College is home to a large number of student clubs that come together to enhance the student life opportunities on campus. Can't find a club that aligns with your interests? Why not start one?

Student Club recognition and approval is managed by the Office for Student Engagement and is required for access to college facilities, resources, support and official Langara student club status.  
Students who wish to establish a recognized club on campus need to complete this application package and agree to all expectations and policies outlined by the College. Applications require endorsement from the Langara Club Review Committee to be approved as an official student club. 

Benefits for establishing a student club

  • Club executives will have access to booking the College facilities at no charge for student-run, student led activities. 
  • Clubs will receive support promoting club and club activities through the College website, social media, posters, and publications. 
  • Clubs will have an opportunity to participate in Clubs Day, held at the start of the fall and spring semesters. 
  • Clubs will have access to an assigned locker for club materials. 

Club Application Timeline

New and renewal applications will be accepted at various times throughout the year. Please refer to the deadlines for each semester below.

Sept 5 – Fall Applications Open (New and Renewal) 

Sept 30 – Fall Applications Close

Oct 2 – Applications begin processing

Jan 1- Spring Applications Open (New and Renewal) 

Jan 31 – Spring Applications Close

Feb 1 – Applications begin processing

May 1 - Summer Applications Open (New and Renewal) 

May 30 – Summer Applications Close

June 3 – Applications begin processing

Club Eligibility Requirements

  • Club must not already exist at Langara - clubs with similar missions/purpose will not be considered
  • The club requires a total of ten (10) current Langara students to start a club who are registered in and attending class each semester of participation. 
  • Of the 10 members, three (3) must be your designated club executives (President, Vice President, Treasurer). Club executives must be registered in full time classes or equivalent. 
  • Club leadership lists must be submitted to the Office for Student Engagement at the beginning of every semester to maintain eligibility. Any changes to club leadership during the semester must be reported to the Office for Student Engagement as as soon as possible.
  • The club must have a designated Employee Sponsor who will agree to support your club.
  • The club activities must be able to take place on campus and be low-risk in nature. Off campus activities are not permitted.
  • Club applications must be submitted once per academic year.

Steps to start or renew a club

Check to see if a club that serves your interest already exists at Langara in the Student Clubs Directory

Email clubs@langara.ca with a short description of the club you want to start.

  • Identify ten (10) current Langara students to start or renew a club who are registered in and attending class each semester of participation. 
  • Of the 10 members, three (3) must be your designated club /executives (President, Vice President, Treasurer). These students must be registered in and attending 9-credits or full time equivalent. 

Choose a name for the club that includes 'Langara' and 'club or association' in the title.



Employee sponsors play an important role in helping support the success of student clubs and are members of the Langara academic or student affairs community. 

Sponsors/Advisors can help mentor and support students in developing their leadership skills while also fostering student-employee engagement and connections on campus.  The role of the Sponsors/Advisor is to provide support, but not to provide direction to the club. 
Some examples of how an Employee Sponsor/Advisor can assist a club include: 

  • Maintain contact with the Club executives 
  • Assist in nagivating the post-secondary environment
  • Act as a mentor for the club members and executives 
  • Provide connection and/or support to enhance a student’s professional development 

Prepare your club application by filling in all of the required information.


Ensure to spend time prior to completing the application to consider the following:

  • Club Objectives and Operations
    • Who you are aiming to include?
    • Why is this club is needed?
    • What value will this club add to the Langara College student community?

Note: The purpose and activities of the organization shall be lawful and not in conflict with college regulations as published by the college. The club shall not duplicate the purposes and functions of a previously registered and active club unless need for such duplication is substantiated.


Member endorsement

  • Ensure that all listed Executive members (3), a minimum of seven (7) members and employee sponsor (1) email clubs@langara.ca within one week of submission using their MyLangara email to confirm interest and participation in activating the club.


Ensure that the application is submitted prior to the semester deadline.

Application is reviewed by Club Review Committee within 14 business days.
Upon approval by Club Review Committee, application is submitted for Director Approval
Upon Director approval, club is notified and eligible to access student club benefits