Lab tech Marcus Stein works on the Biochar projectApplied research is integral to Langara, and we are committed to exploring and expanding opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to pursue research. The purpose of the College’s Office of Applied Research is to match the needs of businesses and community organizations with the outstanding research talents of the Langara community, creating exciting partnerships that tackle real world questions and problems.

We have a lot to offer, and through our research and scholarly activity efforts we are serving local and global communities in innovative and meaningful ways.

The strategic objectives of the Office of Applied Research are:

  • To support business, industry, and community partners who are looking for practical solutions to a variety of issues
  • To support innovation on campus and in the community
  • To provide our students with exciting opportunities to engage in applied research with our faculty and partners

By reaching out to business, industry, and community through Langara’s Applied Research agenda, the College will continue to reinforce its commitment to excellent post-secondary education through experiential learning.