Over 50 Applied Research Centre (ARC) Fund grants of $3000 each have been awarded to Langara faculty since 2016. Langara faculty have been awarded over $5-million in research grants in the past 5 years. You can also get course release to conduct research. Faculty can receive funding to hire students for research. Contact Jenny Francis or Kelly Sveinson for more information.

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Langara College recently received over $3M of new funding to conduct applied research that will have a lasting impact on the cannabis industry in Canada, and perhaps beyond. Congratulations to the team that constructed the successful proposal and who will lead the research.

  • Chemistry faculty: Kelly SveinsonNathan Jones, and Todd Stuckless; and  

  • Biology faculty: Ji YangJessica KalraIdo Hatam, and Prashant Kumar

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We're also pleased to announce our ARC Fund recipients for Summer 2021:

  • Andrew Egan (Geography and Environmental Studies) will measure water quality parameters in Still Creek while working with the local Streamkeepers and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The data will guide future salmon restoration efforts and help evaluate the impact of climate change.
  • Cara Tremain (Anthropology) will explore how the use of virtual and augmented reality tools impact students’ engagement with cultural heritage. She will evaluate the degree of increased learning that interacting with digital 3D cultural heritage assets brings.
  • Joey Lattanzio (Continuing Studies) will refit a vintage Vespa scooter with an electric drive system, and evaluate the technical and regulatory challenges involved in incorporating these less polluting motors.

Langara students will be employed to work with these innovative instructors, gaining valuable research skills and experiences.

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Join the Applied Research Community of Practice (CoP)

As the Langara research community continues to grow, this forum will serve as a hub to share research ideas, resources, experiences, and questions. Join the discussion on Yammer. 

Humanities Research Writing Group

Want to make some serious progress on an academic research project this summer? Join the ARC Humanities Research Writing Group (HRWG) each Thursday from 9:00-10:25 am. Use this scheduled time to work on your project in the virtual presence of others. Each session will begin with a 15-minute check-in to share goals, report on progress, and brainstorm and connect with other researchers. The HRWG will run from May 6-August 5, 2021, and is a drop-in group. You can attend as often or little as you wish. To learn more about the group or to register and receive the HRWG Zoom link, email Alena Buis or Mono Brown.

Faculty & Instructor Research Inventory Report 

In early 2021, ARC conducted an inventory of researchers and research needs at Langara. See the report to learn more and to find out how ARC will support research into the future. 



ARC FALL WEBINAR SERIES - Registration now open!


I. What is ARC and what can ARC do for you? Introduction to the Applied Research Centre

Friday, October 1: 10:30-11:30am

Learn about the supports available to Langara researchers through the Applied Research Centre, from creating a research proposal, to obtaining funding, hiring student RAs, and sharing your results. Also learn about exciting new changes coming to ARC in the next year!


II. Want to do research but don't know where to start? A guide for getting your project off the ground

Friday, October 15: 10:30-11:30am

This session starts at the beginning: you have an idea you would like to explore but how do you turn that idea into a funded research project? We will show you how to create a research question, select methods, form a research team (even a tiny one), apply for ethics approval (if needed), and get started with a research workplan.


III. How to apply for research funding: Opportunities and supports available

Friday, October 29: 10:30-11:30am

This session is all about how to get the money you need to conduct the research project of your dreams. We will show you how to search for and identify appropriate funding sources and offer tips for applying. ARC Coordinators are here to help you fund your project!


IV. Researcher roundtable: The ups and the downs - share your experience of conducting research at Langara

Friday, November 5: 10:30-11:30am

Attend this event to meet other Langara researchers and hear about their experiences. Bring your own research story - good or bad! A wise researcher once said that if research doesn't change you (the researcher), then it wasn't good research. We can learn a lot from other researchers' victories and struggles.


V. Knowledge dissemination: Sharing your research findings with diverse audiences, including in academic publications

Friday, November 12: 10:30-11:30am

Have you completed a research project, but the findings are collecting dust on a shelf? Learn how to share your research findings with the audience you want to reach whether they are community members, policy makers, service providers, or academics.