Formed in 1969, the Langara Students’ Union is an organization composed of all registered students at Langara College. Membership in the Union begins at registration upon the payment of membership fees. Membership ceases at the end of the semester following the student’s last semester of studies.


On campus, the primary function of the Students’ Union is the protection and advocacy of the rights and interests of its members. The LSU Association functions through its Council, Advisors, and Board of Directors. These positions are held by students who are elected by the General Membership to one year terms of office. Election information will be posted within first few weeks of the Fall Semester on the LSU website


The Students’ Union operates as a co-operative, providing services to members. These include a health and dental plan, mental health resources, accounting services, an inexpensive photocopy service, a student discount program and more. Throughout the year, LSU committees organize a variety of events and resources for the Student body. Councillors and Advisors work closely with Committees to contribute to a dynamic campus experience by organizing on-campus events, workshops, & speakers. The Students’ Union building is located behind 'C' Building.

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