In November 2020, the Langara Student Union voted to extend automatic coverage under the LSU Health and Dental Plan to ​include both Regular Studies ​full-time and part-time students (those enrolled in one or more credits), as well as all eligible students beginning their studies at Langara in a Spring semester. Prior to the expanded eligibility, only full-time students (i.e, students enrolled in nine or more credits) who were registered in the fall semester and who were members of the LSU were covered by the LSU Health & Dental Plan.

This expanded eligibility ​will take effect for Fall 2021. This expanded coverage will mean an increase in student fees for many students who were previously ineligible.

The charge for the full year (charged to students who register in the Fall) is $244.40; the prorated partial-year charge (covering January to August) is $162.93.

Students who have alternate coverage are able to opt-out of the Health and Dental plan by contacting Studentcare directly. Please visit or call 1.866.369.8796 for opt-out information.