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  Harjit Sajjan joins Langara College to celebrate 49 years on West 49th Avenue

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  After helping build a caring city for 49 years, Langara College welcomes residents on Community Day

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  Studio 58 unveils 2019-20 season with a gender-reversed Antony and Cleopatra and a contemporary Odyssey

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  Crowtrax online mapping system tracks crows attacks across Vancouver

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  Paper gown couture on Fairchild Television's Talentvision [video]

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  These extraordinary paper gowns were handmade by Vancouver students

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  Look but don't touch! Langara students create gowns made of paper

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  More than 20 paper-made couture gowns on display at Oakridge Centre

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  Paper couture exhibition returns to Oakridge

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  Langara design students turn classic dresses into paper [audio]

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  Langara 2012 Outstanding Alum Carmen Aguirre in local slice of life film

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  Vancouver's Langara College adds Musqueam name to all branding

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  Langara College incorporates Musqueam name into core brand identity

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  Studio 58 alum Kevin Loring announces federal funding denial for Indigenous theatre

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  Business administration degree launches award-winning certified professional accountant's career

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  Business administration degree launches award-winning certified professional accountant's career

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  Studio 58 takes theatre education to a new level by shattering traditional silos

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  Langara opens new digital arts school in False Creek Flats

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  DNA analysis opens doors in hop renaissance [pdf]

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  Langara and Academy of Art University launch new curriculum for digital artists in Vancouver

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  Child care costs just $10 a day for these BC families

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  New twists and strong performances make Studio 58's Cabaret a darkly satirical delight

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  Gerontology program offers rewarding career opportunities working with seniors