Langara's Facilities Department is guided by the mission, vision, and priorities set out by the College's 2025 Strategic Plan, 25-year Master Plan, and Academic Plan. We are committed to enhancing the physical environment for students, employees, and the Langara community by:

  • Modernizing our campus spaces for learning and working
  • Incorporating new technology and classroom design that support innovative, evolving, and experiential learning models
  • Seeking operational efficiencies and infrastructure improvements that support organizational, financial, and environmental sustainability
  • Enhancing service and communications with the campus community
  • Promoting and maintaining a safe, welcoming environment for our diverse community of learners and employees

We believe everyone who learns and works at Langara can make valuable contributions to the campus and surrounding community. We encourage everyone to be proactive, responsible ambassadors for the College and continue to work together to ensure Langara is safe, secure, clean, efficient, and welcoming for everyone.

Please visit the following Facilities-related resources for more information:

Other Facilities-related Departments