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  • Power outages
  • Flood incidents
  • Gas leaks
  • Fire alarms

If your request is an emergency, please contact Security immediately at 604.323.4444 (or ext. 4444) from any campus phone. They will initiate police, fire, and/or ambulance response.

If your request is urgent but not an emergency (e.g. requires response within 2 hours), please contact Facilities:

  • Call 604.323.5511 (or dial "0" from any campus phone)

If your request is non-urgent, please contact Facilities in one of the following ways:

Facilities alert - Nov 27, 2018 (4:30pm) Update: Natural gas usage

The College will be reducing heat in buildings until further notice.

Update (Nov 27, 4:30pm): As cooler temperatures arrive in the first week of December, we would like to remind you to be mindful of conserving gas usage whenever possible at work and at home. The latest report from Enbridge indicates that though repairs are ongoing, gas supply will be at a critical level in the next few weeks, possibly reducing down to 50% capacity, based on historical usage. In the last few weeks, gas prices have been fluctuating significantly in direct response to gas supply, forcing some industries to seriously consider shutting off gas completely.

In consideration of other customers (both residential and industry), Langara continues to do its part by conserving gas supply through reduced temperatures in gas-heated buildings. Please remember to dress appropriately and help conserve energy where you can. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Update (Nov 15, 5:00pm): We have been notified by Fortis that Enbridge is forced to shut off a 36″ gas line for 24 hours, effective Friday November 15, 7:00am, for maintenance and repair and is asking all customers in the Lower Mainland to conserve. For one day only (Friday November 16, 7:00am – Saturday November 17, 7:00am) we are lowering temperature at the College to 18 degrees C from 20 degrees C in areas heated by gas. We thank you for your cooperation and will keep you updated on any changes.

Update (Nov 1, 9:10am): Good news! Enbridge has announced that repairs to the gas pipelines have been completed and both lines are back in service at 80% level sooner than expected. However, not until it reaches its maximum operating pressure, British Columbians are asked to continue to limit their natural gas use wherever possible.

Update (Oct 31, 10:00am): No news to report: The two pipelines are on schedule to become operational in mid-November, running at 80% capacity. British Columbians are reminded to be conscious of the natural gas use and conserve energy wherever possible. The College will continue to reduce room temperatures in all buildings. Please dress accordingly.

Update (Oct 23, 10:01am): As stated, the pipeline is scheduled to be back in service by mid-November; however, both pipelines will be running at 80% capacity. The College will continue to have reduced temperatures. Please remain mindful of reducing your gas usage where possible.

Update (Oct 18, 8:45am): We’ve received reports that the pipeline is scheduled to be back in service by mid-November. The College will continue to have reduced temperatures. Please remain mindful of reducing your gas usage where possible.

Original message (Oct 11, 1:56pm): Due to the recent pipeline incident near Prince George BC, Fortis BC has asked British Columbians to reduce all “non-essential” gas consumption. The College will be reducing room temperatures in all our buildings until further notice. Please dress accordingly.

Facilities alert - Nov 3, 2017 (2:25pm) Library elevator #1 out of service

Please be aware Library elevator# 1 will not be available over the weekend in an effort to address the intermittent issue with the elevator`s controller. 

Please contact Campus Security at local 5270 from any internal phone or 604.562.1011 for assistance with the elevator.

Facilities alert - Nov 3, 2017 Library underground parkade closed

The library underground parkade is closed from 9am-5pm on Friday, Nov 3.

The Library underground parkade will be closed from 9am-5pm on Friday, Nov 3 for a photoshoot for a Langara photography class. 

If you have any questions please email

Facilities alert - Sep 8, 2017 (9:58am) Library Elevator #1 South End now operational

Update: library elevator now operational

Sep 7, 2017 (4:15pm): Library Elevator #1 is currently out of service. Technician will be here within an hour.
Facilities alert - Sep 8, 2017 (9:05am) Update: Washrooms in T Bldg now operational

Sep 8 update (9:05am)

Washrooms on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th levels are now operational with the exception of T201 and T203.

Sep 7 update (1:30pm)

The washrooms on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th levels of T Building are temporarily closed. This is a precautionary measure as we investigate into drainage to ensure proper flow as we noticed some blockage. Please use the washrooms on T Building basement and 1st floor as well as in the Library. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Sep 5, 2017 (2:00pm)

Please note that two washrooms (T201 and T203) on the second floor of T Building will be closed this week. We expect them to be operational next week.