The Facilities Department at Langara is tasked with delivering safe and functional spaces throughout the campus for working, teaching and learning to take place. As part of this responsibility, our department purchases and provides standard furniture items for all offices, classrooms and common areas. Additionally, our teams oversee regular maintenance and repair of college buildings and property, as well as renovation and construction projects as approved by senior leadership.

This page provides the scope of work undertaken by Facilities, as well as ways for college employees to communicate any requests or deficiencies to Facilities.

Standard Furniture

Facilities stocks and provides a limited list of common furniture items to all employees at the college. Specific models have been pre-determined by Facilities in order to streamline logistics, as well as to ensure consistency, equity and functionality across the campus. 

Space permitting, all offices and workspaces come equipped with the following:

  • Desk
  • Office chair
  • Guest chair
  • Bookcase
  • Filing cabinet
  • Mobile pedestal drawer
  • Recycling and garbage bin set


  • Tackboard / whiteboard (large)
  • Round meeting table (small)
  • Keyboard tray

If you are missing any of the above listed items or are in need of replacement, please submit your request via the online Facilities Work Request Form. We will contact you to schedule delivery if the item is in stock, or to discuss waiting list options. Facilities will provide either recirculated furniture in good condtion, or new furniture that matches existing college standards.

Requests for non-standard items can be made and will be evaluated based on our ability to provide. Please note that in most caes, such requests will only move ahead as a department purchase to be approved by a budget officer in your area.

Maintenance and Repair

Maintaining a campus of our size is no simple task, which is why Facilities engages in renewal projects all year long. In addition to repairing anything broken, our team also refreshes worn out spaces and performs carpentry tasks. If you notice something in your workspace or a common area that requires maintenance, please submit your request via the online Facilities Work Request Form.

Examples of maintenance / carpentry items:

  • Hanging items / shelves
  • Fixing broken furniture
  • Painting walls
  • Carpet and floor repairs
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Ceiling tile or wall repair
  • Faulty doors, locks and windows
  • Broken sinks, toilets and dispensers

Call-Outs for Project-Based Requests

In order to better plan for and support the needs of the college, the Facilities Department began in 2018 to make semesterly calls for submission of maintenance, furniture and minor renovation requests. These call-outs are intended for larger, project-based requests that require space or budget planning and fall outside the day-to-day operational requests described earlier.

Examples of requests that are suited for the call-out:

  • Replace all furniture in a dedicated classroom
  • Repaint and replace carpets for multiple offices
  • Move or change walls and fixtures
  • Furniture request over $2000

These calls for submission take place at the start of each semester and can be made using the form below. Requests made during the call-out need to be reviewed and approved at the Dean / Director level prior to submission.

Once received, each submission will be estimated for cost and feasibility and evaluated by the Facilities team for acceptance based on the following criteria:

Alignment to the College's Strategic Priorities:


  • Enhance Indigenization throughout the College
  • Develop & implement an Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Framework 
  • Provide learning and professional development opportunities for employees 


  • Implement Student Success Plan
  • Streamline credential and create guided pathways
  • Enhance community engagement and partnerships


  • Design & implement new Student Information System
  • Revise Campus Master Plan to meet organizational space needs
  • Advance Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) throughout the College

Operational Priorities

  • Health & Safety, Code Compliance & Regulatory
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Hybrid Work Related

You will be notified as your submission moves through the review process. Once approved, projects will be prioritized based on resource availability and operational requirements, and will be filled within the fiscal year unless otherwise stated.

2024/25 Facilities Renovations Request Form


FACSAC Approval

Any request that involves major demolition or renovation work, or otherwise changes the intended use of existing space, will need to be deferred to the Facilities Space Advisory Committee (FACSAC) for review and approval before the project can proceed. FACSAC meetings are scheduled at regular times throughout the year, but will increase the timelines needed for your request.