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Langara College draft 25-year campus master plan

Langara's community is growing, and we have a plan. We invite you to learn more about our vision for Langara through our proposed 25-year campus master plan. 



  • Rezoning related to Langara College’s Campus Master Plan was approved at Vancouver City Council on Thursday, March 11, 2021. Read more in the news article, "Langara College Campus Master Plan moves forward after City Council rezoning approval".
  • On December 6, 2018, Langara College invited the community to a public open house to solicit feedback. The open house was held in the gallery of the Langara’s Science and Technology Building. Please click here to view the Plan (PDF) that was shown at the open house.
  • The City of Vancouver hosted a community open house to solicit feedback from the general public as part the rezoning application process. The event took place on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 from 5:00 pm–8:00 pm in the T Building Gallery.To learn more, please visit the City of Vancouver website.

Langara College has recently experienced a period of rapid and unprecedented student growth that has put a strain on its existing physical resources. With a current FTE student population of 10,500, it has already surpassed the growth expectations that formed the basis of the 2005 Master Plan, pointing to a strong need to re-think the Master Plan to allow it to respond to and support growth beyond today’s enrolment.

At the same time, the context in which the 2005 Master Plan was conceived has also changed. The City has grown up around the College – it is being redeveloped with greater density and with higher height limits and with greater focus on car-free transportation. Sustainability standards have gone beyond the previously benchmark-setting LEED Gold goals of the 2005 Master Plan. Indigeneity and reconciliation are finally being recognized as core issues locally, nationally, and internationally. Langara understands that the campus’ physical environment must also evolve to clearly reflect these changes.

Finally, student expectations have grown more sophisticated. Welcoming, engaging spaces well equipped with state-of-the-art technology are now expected throughout every post-secondary environment. Langara students no longer want to simply commute to campus and leave after class; they stay on campus to learn, to collaborate, and to build community. Langara College must continue to embrace these expectations and evolve into the 21st century learning environment that students seek.

A comprehensive and inclusive consultation process informing the development of the FMP planning directions and space requirement estimates was important to ensure that the recommendations reflect the needs, priorities, and plans of the Langara community.

  • Internal stakeholder consultation: One-on-one small group meetings were held to define the needs of staff, students, aboriginal services, and campus sustainable practices. Afterward, three world café workshops were held with larger groups of Langara College staff and students in order to compare and expand upon the results of these one-on-one group meetings.
  • Musqueam Nation consultation: Members of the Consultant team met with Gordon Grant, the Protocol and Communications Officer for the Musqueam Nation, and his uncle, Larry Grant, the Elder-in-Residence for the House of Learning at UBC to discuss how the Master Plan can address Indigenous student needs and respect the unceded Musqueam territory it occupies.
  • City of Vancouver consultation: Working closely with the city is critical in order to produce a more flexible zoning policy – previous zoning policies for Langara College have not allowed future developments to be realized without amending the campus zoning policy each time. It is intended to rezone the entire college for a projected full campus build-out in order to limit zoning amendments and expedite response to growth in student population.
  • Community engagement: An open house was hosted by Langara College, prior to the rezoning process to allow for feedback before Langara College commits to a Rezoning Application. This open house is mandated by the City in advance of the Planning Department and Council rulings.
  • Proactively addressing Langara’s space needs: Develop a campus form framework that will make efficient use of Langara’s limited site resources and accommodate the amount and type of spaces needed to address current space shortfalls and anticipated future needs. (Note: current space shortfalls and anticipated future needs were identified as part of the assessment and engagement process).
  • Reflecting and supporting Langara’s institutional mission and identity: Develop a campus form vision and guidelines that will directly support and showcase Langara’s commitment to teaching and learning excellence – both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Supporting natural connectivity: Develop a campus form framework that enhances connectivity and permeability between the campus and the surrounding city, that expands the campus’ intuitively navigable indoor and outdoor circulation network, and that encourages social and academic connection among students, faculty, staff, and the community as part of the day-to-day life of the college.
  • Recognizing, celebrating, and supporting Indigeneity: Shape the development of the physical campus to reflect and advance snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ Langara College's recent meaningful work to recognize and celebrate its place on unceded Musqueam territory and further prioritize welcoming and support of indigenous students and community members.
  • Prioritizing forward-looking sustainability: Identify a physical framework and principles that build on Langara’s record of leadership in the field of campus sustainability and energy efficiency, and that will guide the College over the coming decades.
  • Enhancing the indoor/outdoor learning environment: Develop a campus form that conserves, enhances, and expands the College’s green space as part of a holistic learning environment.

Amended City of Vancouver CD-1 (Comprehensive Development District) Zoning + Policy Statement: We are currently seeking rezoning to replace the existing CD-1 (55) zoning with amended poicy that will permit the amount and form of new building area that will be required to support Langara’s growth over the coming two to three decades.

On December 6, 2018, Langara College invited the community to a public open house to solicit feedback. The open house was held in the gallery of the Langara’s Science and Technology Building. Please click here to view the Plan (PDF) that was shown at the Open House.