Langara College has a host of amenities available for students and employees. These include gender-inclusive washrooms, shower facilities, cycling facilities and more. Please read below to learn more.

Langara College has a number of all-gender washrooms available for public use. In particular the B building has 3 all-gender washrooms open to both students and staff. One is located across from Accessibility Services and the other two can be found close to Student Accounts. All-gender washrooms are also located in the A, B, C, T and LSU buildings.

Here is the full list of all-gender washrooms available for everyone to use:

A Building: A125 & A133
B Building: B140, B245o & B245p
C Building: C515a
T Building: T201, T203, T357, T457 & T557
LSU building: S017

We are pleased to provide free menstrual product dispensers in all public womens’ and most* all-gender washrooms in Buildings A, B, C north, L and T, as well as the gender-neutral washroom (S017) on the first level of the Langara Students’ Union building.

*Note: free menstruation product dispensers are currently being installed for the remaining gender neutral washrooms and select employee washrooms. 

Located in G103a, the Fitness Centre is free to use for Langara employees.

The gym is equipped with stationary bikes, rowing machines, squat racks with weight benches and weights, dumbbells, and kettlebells. The stationary bikes and rowing machines are Bluetooth-enabled and can be linked to training apps.

The fitness centre is not available for use by friends and family members of employees. Employees can find more information, including opening hours and access, on myLangara.

Get freshened up after your run, workout, fitness class or intramural. We have shower facilities in three locations:

  • Library underground parkade
  • C Building basement
  • the Gymnasium

Please note: towel and locker service is available in the Gym. Please visit the Gymnasium and Locker website for more information.

Langara supports cycling as an alternative mode of transportation, and have a range of amenities for all students and employees to make cycling to and from Langara easy and accessible. Amenities include parking and storage, bike repair, and shower facilities.

Please visit the Alternative Transportation website for more information.

waterfill station for refillable bottlesDid you know? By using the waterfill stations, Langara's students, staff and faculty have saved over 2.2million plastic bottles from the landfill to date.

Langara College has waterfill stations installed in multiple buildings across campus to provide access to clean filtered drinking water. This is part of our water maintenance strategy to provide drinking water to staff, faculty and students while reducing cost and waste. 

The waterfill stations have a built-in UV filter and are touchless, thereby providing contactless method to get drinking water using your refillable container. Note: the spout function has been disabled for health and safety reasons. Please use the touchless function to access water.

There are currently 29 waterfill stations across campus, and eight more waterfill stations are scheduled to be installed in the near future. Here is the current list of locations:


  • Basement, next to lockers
  • 1st floor, cafeteria
  • 1st floor, next to mens washroom
  • 1st floor, next to womens washroom
  • 2nd floor, next to elevator
  • 2nd floor, northeast corner
  • 2nd floor, southwest corner
  • 3rd floor, next to elevator
  • 3rd floor, northeast corner

  • 3rd floor southwest corner


  • Basement, next to elevator
  • Basement, next to womens washroom
  • 1st floor, next to elevator
  • 1st floor, by mens washroom
  • 2nd floor, next to elevator
  • 2nd floor, next to womens washroom


  • 1st floor (lobby), next to north elevator
  • 2nd floor, next to womens washroom
  • 4th floor, next to womens washroom
  • 5th floor, next to womens washroom


  • 1st floor, by Subway
  • 2nd floor, next to Room T215 (lab)
  • 3rd floor, next to Room T355
  • 4th floor, next to Room T455
  • 5th floor, next to Room T555



  • 1st floor, next to Starbucks (L123)
  • 1st floor, next to washroom inside Library (L133)



  • Basement, next to Room G003
  • 1st floor, next to Room G109

In 2007, Langara established a multifaith room. It is located in C327 at the 3rd floor link between buildings A & C.

The purpose of the multifaith room is to provide a respectful and dignified space for individuals to practise their religion. The space is intended for quiet prayer or meditation, and is open during regular College hours. It is not intended for use as study or meeting space.

We try to recycle as much as possible at Langara College. Around campus, you will find four-stream bins (organics, paper, mixed recyclables, and landfill) situated in all buildings as well as outside on our grounds. 

In addition to these regular streams, we also have a Recycling Station in our cafeteria where, in addition to the above streams, you can also recycle:

  • E-waste, such as phones, computers, keyboards, and other old electronics (Remember to erase all personal data before recycling).
  • Soft plastics, such as plastic bags and overwrap (non-crinkly plastic that stretches when you try to put your finger through it). 
  • Batteries
  • Cardboard
  • Glass

Recycling towards student bursaries
Being environmentally conscious has its benefits. If you have a refundable bottle or can, recycle it in one of our red "Refundables" bins, that are located around campus and at the Recycling station. All refundable cans and bottles are returned for money that goes towards student bursaries. 

Disposable mask recycling
Have a disposable mask? Recycle it in one of our tall cardboard mask recycling stations located at various entrances.
Learn more about recycling here