Graduation Application Process

Applying for Graduation

In order to receive a credential for their chosen program, all students must apply for graduation.

Graduation Application forms:

Students are encouraged to apply for graduation during the semester in which they complete their program requirements, according to the Graduation Application Timelines below.

Graduation Application Timelines

Completion Term Applications Open Application Submission Deadline All Required Courses Completed and on Student Transcript Deadline Graduation Letter Issued by Parchment Issued
Fall Completion September 1 November 30 December 31 January 15 (International Students)

January 30 (Domestic Students)
Spring Completion January 1 February 1 (applications received after this deadline are subject to an additional $25 late fee)

March 15 (late application deadline)
April 30 May 15 (International Students)

May 30 (Domestic Students)
Summer Completion July 1 July 31 August 31 September 15 (International Students)

September 30 (Domestic Students)


  1. Where graduation applications are received and/or courses appear on student records after the deadlines noted above, your application will continue to be processed and graduation letters will continue to be issued. However, delays to the timeline noted above may be experienced. Parchment(s) may be delayed and issued with the following term's timeline.
  2. The last day to submit a late application for graduation to ensure processing is complete in time to participate in the annual Convocation Ceremonies in June is March 15. Applications received after March 15 may not be processed in time for June Convocation.

Application Assessment

Program requirements for graduation are based on the effective term a student begins their program. This is often, but not always, the term in which a student is admitted to the College. Students can verify the term they entered their program by logging into the Student Information System (SIS) and viewing the first term listed on their unofficial transcript.

Requirements for all programs can be found in the calendar for that term. Students can also log into the Student Information System (SIS) and use the graduation evaluation tool to check their specific program requirements.

In addition to fulfilling specific program requirements, students must also adhere to the requirements set out in the Langara Credentials Policy. Catalogue term dates of January 1, 2014 or later are covered under the current Regular Studies and Micro-Credentials Policy and Regulations.

Graduation Exemption Requests

Students seeking exemptions from graduation requirements must submit a written request. The request should be submitted (along with an accompanying Graduation Exemption Request Form and any relevant documentation) to Registrar & Enrolment Services.

Transfer Credit

Up to 60% of Langara certificate, diploma, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree program requirements may be transferred from a recognized institution. Transfer credit cannot be used to fulfill graduation requirements for citations, post-degree programs, or micro-credentials.

Students who are considering transferring credit completed in the final 40% of their program are advised to contact a Graduation Advisor to ensure the minimum number of credits to be completed at Langara College, as noted in the Langara Credential Policy F1001, are being met.

All transfer credit requests should be submitted by students prior to their final term at Langara College. Students must submit a Transfer Credit Request Form and official transcript(s) to Registrar & Enrolment Services. Transfer credit must appear on student records by the last day of the term in which they will complete their graduation requirements in order to complete the final graduation process without delay. Transfer credit requests may take up to eight weeks. Only completed, graded coursework will be evaluated for transfer credit. More information regarding transfer credit can be found here.

Confirmation of Graduation

Once a student’s graduation application has been approved, a confirmation letter will be issued to the student by Registrar & Enrolment Services. A notation will also be added to the student’s transcript, indicating the program and the semester in which the requirements were completed.

Graduation with Distinction

Students who achieve an overall grade point average of 3.67 or greater in the final 48 Langara credits of a degree program, the final 24 Langara credits of an associate degree, post-degree diploma, or diploma program, or the final 12 Langara credits of a post-degree certificate, or certificate program are eligible to graduate with distinction.

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing will be assessed for graduation with distinction based on the final 30 Langara credits of regularly graded courses.

Students in the 90 credit Diploma in Theatre Arts at Studio 58 (Acting) and the 90 credit Diploma in Theatre Arts at Studio 58 (Theatre Production) will be assessed for graduation with distinction based on the final 36 Langara credits of regularly graded courses.

Graduation with distinction calculations are based solely on credits that are included in GPA (regularly graded courses).

The notation of “Graduation with Distinction” will appear on the academic transcript.


Parchments are issued with the name on the official student record. Upon request of the student, preferred or chosen names may be added to the parchment. Preferred names are displayed in brackets as First Name (Preferred Name) Middle Name Last Name. Students must request to add a preferred name in writing to by the graduation application deadline.

Parchments are issued according to the timelines noted in the Graduation Application Timelines.

Receiving Parchments

Parchments are available for pick up at the Registrar & Enrolment Services Office for approximately three to four weeks after issuance. Students will be emailed to notify them when parchments are available for pickup. For students who do not pick up their parchment during the designated pick up timeframe, their parchments will be mailed to the address on file. Please ensure that your mailing address is up-to-date! You can do this by reviewing your personal information on the Langara Student Information System (SIS). Students who are current or past employees of Langara College who need to update their address must do so through Workday.

Ordering Official Transcripts

The notation confirming the credential awarded and the date of completion will appear on your transcript upon approval of your graduation application.

If you require an official transcript that includes the credential awarded notation, please confirm that the notation appears on your record before placing an order for a transcript. Your unofficial transcript is available to view on the Langara Student Information System (SIS).

Transcripts with graduation information are usually available to collect/mail out approximately by the second week of the semester following program completion, or by the end of May for students completing their program in April.

Student Information Changes

If a student changes their name after submitting a Graduation Application Form, they need to complete a Request for Change of Student Information Form. The form must be submitted, along with proper name change documentation, to Registrar & Enrolment Services. Address changes can be updated on the Langara Student Information System (SIS). It is recommended that the student also notifies the Graduation Evaluation Team of the change to ensure proper delivery of documents.

Outstanding Accounts

Students who have an outstanding debt to the College for any reason (college fees, library fines, overdue books, or equipment) will not be permitted to receive a parchment or official transcript from Langara. Upon clearing outstanding amounts owed to the College, students must inform Registrar & Enrolment Services. Students can check the status of their accounts under Account Balance & Payments on the Langara Student Information System (SIS).

After Graduation

Graduation and convocation are two separate processes. Convocation is your chance to celebrate your achievements with family, friends, faculty, and members of the community. Learn more.

Graduates join Langara's alumni community of over 109,000 and growing. There are always new and exciting opportunities. Stay connected.