1. What are Graduation Exemption Requests?

Requests for graduation exemptions are intended for students who wish to graduate and require a program exemption or substitution to meet graduation requirements.

2.  How do I submit a request?

Graduation exemption requests are submitted to the Registrar & Enrolment Services office:

  • In person or by mail to: 100 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver BC, V5Y 2Z6
  • By email to: gacrequest@langara.ca
  • By fax to: 604.323.5590

Your request should include the following:

  • A Graduation Exemption Request form
  • Relevant materials that may assist your request, such as sending institution course outlines (not course descriptions), transcripts, etc. It is not necessary to attach your Langara records, such as an unofficial transcript (available on Langara's login page), course outline, or graduation evaluation to your request (Langara College already has access to these documents)

Attach a letter clearly stating the following information with your Graduation Exemption Request form:

  • The specific course requirement(s) you are requesting an exemption or substitution for
  • The reason for your request
  • How you believe you have met the requirements
  • The reason why you are unable to meet the requirements of the program's prescribed curriculum

3.  How long does it take to receive a decision?

Decisions for requests will be available within three months after the request was received. Submitting a request does not guarantee approval.

4. Can my request be expedited as a rush service?

Due to the complex nature of the requests, we are not able to accommodate rush options.

5. How will I be informed of the outcome of my request?

Results of graduation exemption requests are sent by email to the address on file. It can take up to three months from the time a request is received to be notified of the decision.

6. Who can I contact for more information?

For more information, please contact gacrequest@langara.ca