If you have additional questions regarding graduation please contact gradeval@langara.ca.

Once you have registered for your final course(s), it is time to apply to graduate. Graduation applications can be submitted online via the Langara Fee Payment portal. You can also apply in person at the Registrar & Enrolment Services office (T Building).

The Langara online, unofficial graduation evaluation tool would be the place to start. You will find the graduation evaluation tool under the Student Record section in the Student Information System.

If you have questions about your graduation requirements, please email gradeval@langara.ca. Be sure to include your name, student number, program, and let us know how we can help you.

Doing a projected CGPA calculation can be tricky. Instructions are available on Langara’s Registration and Record’s Grade Point Average page. We strongly recommend that you do not use third-party CGPA calculators found on the internet as they are often flawed, and provide inaccurate results. If you need help, please email gradeval@langara.ca to request our detailed, step-by-step instruction guide.

If you are not eligible to graduate, we will email you to let you know, stating the reasons why.

If your application is pending successful completion of your currently registered course(s), there will be no correspondence until we re-evaluate your application after the semester has ended.

If your application is approved, a graduation confirmation letter will be issued. Once your application has been approved, there will be a notation on your transcript indicating the program and completion semester.

Graduation application evaluations are finalized after the semester has officially ended. Semesters officially end on April 30, August 31, and December 31. Even though you may be able to see your final grade, we are not able to complete the final evaluation and award a credential until after the semester has officially ended.

Your request and official transcript should be submitted as soon as possible. To avoid delay in processing your graduation application, your transfer credit needs to appear on your transcript by the last day of the semester in which you are completing your program. The transfer credit process can take up to eight weeks to complete. Please visit the Transfer Credit page on our website for more information.

Unfortunately, no. The timeline provided to issue these letters is standardized with the earliest possible release date in mind. We know how important it is for students to receive these letters as quickly as possible and we strive to meet that goal.

The graduation notation will appear on your transcript as soon as we have completed your final graduation evaluation. Please check your unofficial transcript on the Student Information System to see if the notation is there before ordering a transcript.

Yes! All students who are awarded their credential(s) between August and April will be invited to attend convocation in June.

Students who have completed their graduation requirements and have received their confirmation of eligibility to graduate letter may use that letter to support a visitor visa application. Students who are in their final semester, and are pending the successful completion of their currently registered courses, may submit a Confirmation of Eligibility to Graduate Letter Request through the Langara Fee Portal. Under the "Purpose of the Letter" section, please select "other" and write in "visitor visa for convocation" as the reason. Please note that you must also submit a graduation application if you have not already done so.

Details about the 2024 Convocation Ceremonies will be posted on the convocation website as they become available. For specific questions relating to convocation, please email convocation@langara.ca.