Q: I now want to attend the ceremony - who do I let know?

A: If you initially indicated that you were not going to attend the Convocation ceremony and have now decided that you would like to attend, we require this change in writing. Please send an email from your langara.ca account to gradeval@langara.ca. We will not accept the email from another account - it must be from Langara's login page. Kindly, include your full name and student number (do not include your password) along with the request to attend.

While you access Langara's login page, please ensure your address is up-to-date along with any other email accounts. We will send periodic updates in the weeks leading up to the convocation ceremony.

Q: I think the information is wrong on my diploma/degree/certificate/citation, what do I do?

A: Please forward an inquiry from your langara.ca email address to gradeval@langara.ca.

Q: How many guests can I bring?

A: Due to the capacity of Convocation Hall, we must limit the number of guests per graduand. Guests will require tickets for entrance to Convocation Hall.

Q: Can I purchase a frame for credential on campus?

A: For more information on the framing options and pricing, please visit Leader Frames website.

Q: I cannot attend the ceremony, when can I pick up my credential?

A: Credentials not picked up at the ceremony will be ready for pick-up the week after Convocation ceremonies.

Q: I am unable to pick up my credential, what can I do to receive it?

A: If you are not able to attend the ceremony and do not pick up your credential(s) by mid-June, your credential(s) will be mailed to you at the address on the application form. Credentials(s) will go out by regular mail at no charge.