Thank you for your interest in making a gift to Langara and becoming a partner in our effort to educate, discover, and servce our communities. 

To ensure that we meet your philanthropic goals and interests, we offer a wide variety of ways to support Langara. For more information, please connect with us at or 604.323.5183.

Charity Number: 829255132 RR0001

Monthly Giving Provide steady support for lasting impact.

A regular monthly contribution is a wonderful way to provide a steady source of support for students, faculties, departments, and community efforts. Recurring monthly gifts are quick and easy to set up online. If you are a Langara employee, please complete our employee payroll giving form. 

For more information, please contact us at or 604.323.5183.

One-Time Giving Contribute to student success.

From scholarships and bursaries to beyond the classroom supports, there are a variety of ways you can contribute and make a lasting impact on student lives. Making a donation is easy as filling in an:

  • Online form
  • Mail-in form 
    • Cheques payable to: Langara College Foundation
    • Mail to: Langara College Foundation, Room B112, 100 49th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 2Z6

For more information, please contact us at or 604.323.5183.

Langara Employee Giving Join our giving community.

The spirit of giving is alive at Langara. Each day, our employees are giving of their time and talent to help change their lives. Many  employees go above and beyond to contribute to scholarships, bursaries, and projects that help us ensure that every student has the support they need to complete their educational journey. Joining our employee giving community is easy, learn how

Pledging Give over time.

Looking for a more long-term option? Why not make a pledge - a promise to donate a specified amount and make payments towards it over a period of time (of up to five years). Payments may be made using cash, credit cards, securities, or other assets. Pledges, through interest and time, often become greater than the sum of its parts. It's a great way to increase your impact and start building a lasting legacy. 

Contact the to learn more about making a pledge.

Tribute Giving Recognize special people and milestones in your life.

Want to recognize someone special  and/or celebrate a major milestones? Why not make a gift in honour of or in memoriam. Celebrate milestones like graduation, reunions, retirements, and anniversaries or pay tribute to a loved one by contributing to an existing award/fund or create something more tailored to your philanthropic goals and interests by contacting

In Kind Giving Make non-cash donations.

Do you have a valuable collection of books or memorabilia? Are you able to donate equipment or other supplies that Langara could use? If so, you could make a gift-in-kind donation. A gift-in-kind is a non-cash donation and includes items such as personal effects, artwork and real estate. Langara will gladly accept any gifts-in-kind for which there is a use on campus. Once the gift is appraised, a donation receipt will be issued for the fair market value of the gift.  For more info:

Planned Giving Create a lasting legacy through wills, trusts, insurance, RRSP/RRIP, pensions, and securities.

Planned giving is a wonderful way to ensure that your long-term philanthropic goals are met. Planned gifts come all shapes and sizes. Here are a few easy and effective ways to create a lasting legacy:

Wills and Trusts

Making provisions in your estate plans is a very personal and forward thinking way to support Langara. The process of leaving a gift to Langara in your will  or trust is established by specific clauses drafted by your legal council. We would be happy to work with you and your advisors to develop a gift plan that is personally meaningful but also brings maximum benefit to Langara. Langara has established some sample clauses to assist you in your planning. 

View sample clauses for your gifts to Langara

Gift of Insurance

There are three ways in which to give life insurance can be used to support Langara: naming Langara as a beneficiary or donating a new or existing policy to Langara. Naming Langara College Foundation as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy provides your estate with tax benefits. If you designate Langara College Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of your policy, tax benefits may also be realized today.

View sample clauses for your gifts to Langara.

RRSP/ RRIP and Pension Plans

Naming Langara as a beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or pension plan means all or a portion of these assets can be left directly to the College upon your death without having to pass through your estate. This arrangement means that no probate fees are payable on these assets. Donations of this type are a great way to reduce the substantial deferred tax burden that many RRSP and RRIF plans carry.

Gifts of Securities

Many people hold various securities, including shares, bonds, mutual funds and stock options. When people choose to directly donate such funds from publicly trades securities to a registered Canadian charity (rather than selling the securities first, then donating the proceeds) there is an elimination of capital gains. The result is an immediate donation receipt for you for fair market value as of the date the Foundation receives those funds. We suggest you consult with your professional advisor before making a gift of publicly trades securities.

For more information, please contact

Corporate Matching Take advantage of employer matching gift programs to double your impact.

Many companies (see list below) offer programs that match their employees' contributions to non-profit organizations. It's a great way to double your donation's impact. Make sure to check with your company for matching gift program policies, criteria, and processes.

For more information, please contact

Companies offering matching gift programs include:

3M Foundation P,D,R,

3M Canada Inc. A,D,R,


ADC Telecommunications P

AMSCO International, Inc. A

ARCO Products Company D,R

AT&T Foundation P,D,R

AT & T Canada Inc. P,D,R

Abbott Laboratories *D,R

Addison-Wesley Publishers Ltd.

Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc. A,P,D,S

Aetna Canada P,D,R

Aetna Life & Casualty P,D,R,S,W

Agrevo Canada Inc.

Air Liquide America Corporation

Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

Akzo America Inc.

Albany International D,R

Alberta Energy Co. Ltd. D,R

Alberta Natural Gas Co. Ltd. D

Alcan Aluminium Ltd. D

Alcan Aluminum Corporation (US) *P,R,S

Alco Standard Corporation D

Allendale Insurance Company D,R,M

Allied Canada Limited D

Allied-Signal Foundation D

Allstate Foundation of Canada D,R

American Cyanamid Company D

American Express Co. D,R

American General Corporation D,M

American Home Products D,R

American International Group (AIG) R,S

American National Bank & Trust Company

American Standard Inc. D

American Stock Exchange

Amoco Canada Petroleum Co. Ltd D,R,M

Amoco Foundation Inc D,R

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation D,R,S

Analog Devices IncAndersen & Co./Arthur P,D,R

Arkwright Foundation D,R

Armstrong World Industries D,R

Arrow Electronics IncAsten Canada Inc.

Asten Inc. (US)

Atkinson Company of California/Guy F. R

Avon Products Foundation, Inc. *D


BASF Corporation

BASF Canada Inc

BC Telcom D,RBCE Capital Inc.

BCE Corporate Services Inc.

BCE Inc.

BHP Minerals International Inc. A,D

BOC Group/The, Inc. D,R

Bailey Bank D,R,S,M

Ball Canada Inc.

Ball Corporation P,D,R

Bank of Boston/First National P,D,R,S

Bank of California NA/The D

Bank of Montreal P,D,R

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd

Barnes Group Inc. D,S,M

Barrett Design Inc. P

Barrett Technology Inc. P

Barton Gillette Company

Baxter Foundation/The P,D

BayBanks Inc. D

Bayer Rubber Inc.

Bechtel Canada Inc D

Becton Dickinson and Company *D,R

Bell Canada D and Managers only

Bell Canada International Inc. P

Bell Northern Research Limited D,R

Bell Northern Research Inc. (US)

Beloit Corporation D

Benjamin Moore & Co Ltd.

BetzDearborn Foundation

Bimcor Inc.Biogen Inc. D

Black & Decker

Blake, Cassels & Graydon

H. & R. Block, Inc. D

Blount Foundation P,D,R

Boeing Company/The D,R,S

Boeing Canada Technology Ltd.

Bonneville International D,R

Borden Foundation

Boston Company/The

Bowater Incorporated D

Brakeley, John Price Jones Inc.

Brenda Mines

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (US) *D,R

Brooklyn Union Gas D,R

Brunswick Corporation D,R

Brunswick Mining & Smelting

Burnett Company Inc/Leo


CGC Charitable Foundation D,R,M

CSL Equity Investments Ltd. D

CUNA Mutual Insurance Group P

Cabot Corporation *D,R

Campbell Soup Company Ltd. P,R

Campbell Soup Company (US) P,D,R

Canada Steamship Lines Inc. D

Canadian Occidental Petroleum D

Canadian Tire Corporation D (only)

Carrier Canada Limited D,R,M

Celanese Canada Inc. D,R,M

Celestica Inc.

Century Companies of America

Champion International Corporation D,R

Chase Manhattan Corporation/The D,R

Chemical Bank *P,D,R,

Chevron Canada Ltd D,R

Chevron Canada Resources D,R

Chevron Corporation D,R

Chicago Tribune Foundation

Chrysler Canada Limited A,D,R,S,W

Chubb Insurance Company of Canada D,R

Chubb & Son Inc. P,D,R

Ciba Corning Diagnostics Corporation

Ciba-Geigy Canada Ltd.

Circuit City Stores, Inc. D

Citibank *D,R

Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. D

Clopay Corporation

Clorox Company/The D,R

Club de Hockey Canadien Inc. P,D,M

Coca-Cola Company/The D,R,S

Coles Gilbert Associates A

Combustion Engineering Canada Inc.

Comerica, Inc.

Commercial Intertech Corporation D

Computer Associates International Inc. S

Comstream Canada Inc. P

ConAgra Foundation Inc. P,D

Congoleum Corporation

Connecticut Bank & Trust Company R,S

Consolidated Rail Corporation

Consumer Programs Inc.

Continental Corporation/The D,M

Cook & Company, Inc./Frederic W. M

Coopers & Lybrand Foundation (US)

Corning Incorporated D,R

Covington & Burling R,S,W

Credit Suisse

Cummins Engine Co., Inc. *D,R

Cytec Canada Inc. D


DEKALB Genetics Corporation D

DFS Group Ltd. P,D

DLJ Foundation

Dole Food Company R,S

Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette A

Donner Canadian Foundation

Dow Chemical Canada Inc. D,R

Dow Chemical Company Foundation *D,R,W

Dow Corning Canada R,S,W

Dow Jones & Company Inc. *D,R

Dresser Foundation D,R,M

Dresser-Rand Company R


Eaton Corporation D,R

Eimco Process Equipment S

Emerson Electric Company D

Equitable Companies, Inc./The D,S

Ethyl Canada Inc. R


FMC Corporation D,S

FPL Group, Inc. D,R,M

Factory Mutual Engineering and Research A,P,R

Falconbridge Ltd. D,S

Federal Home Loan Bank of NY

Federal-Mogul Corporation

Federated Department Stores Foundation D,R

Fidelity Foundation

Fiduciary Trust Company (Boston) D,S

Follett Corporation

Ford Motor Company *D,R

Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited D,R

Fraser Paper Limited

Freedom Forum P,R


Gannett Foundation

Gary-Williams Company/The Piton Foundation P,R

Gemini Group

General Electric Canada, Inc. D,S

General Electric Foundation D,R,W

General Re Corporation D,R,M

Gensler Jr. & Associates, Inc./M.

ArthurGillette Canada Inc. D,R

Gillette Company *R,D

Gilman Paper Company

Glaxo Wellcome Inc.

Glen Falls Cement Co Inc.

Glenmede Corporation/The

Goldman, Sachs and Co.

Goldom FoundationGrace & Co/W.R. D,R

Griffin Canada Inc.

Grumman Corporation *D,R,S,W

Guarantee Company of North America


Hampton & Harper, Inc.

Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co./The D,R,S

Harper Collins Publishers Inc. D

Harris Corporation D,S

Harris Trust & Savings Bank D,R

Hartford Foundation Inc./The John A. D,R,S

(ITT) Hartford Insurance Group Foundation D,R,S

The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co. D,R,S

Hercules Canada, Inc. R

Hercules Incorporated *R

Hewitt Associates

Hewitt Associates of Canada

Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Ltd. P,D,R

Higher Education Publications, Inc. P,D,R,S,M

Hoechst Canada Inc. D,R,M

Homestake Mining Company D,S

Honeywell Limited P,D

Hong Kong Bank of Canada D

Houghton Mifflin Company D,R,S

Huber Corporation/J.M. D,S

Hughes Aircraft Company P

Hughes Network Systems Inc.

Husky Oil Ltd. R


IBM Canada Limited P,D,R,S,W

IBM Corporation *D,R,S,W

ICI Canada D,R

ICI Explosives USA Inc.

IE Industries, Inc. S

IMO Industries, Inc. D,S

ISK Biosciences Corporation

ITT Flygt R

Inco Limited R

Industrial Risk Insurers R

Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Canada Inc. R

Ingersoll-Rand Canada Inc. A,D,R

Ingersoll-Rand Inc.

International Telephone & Telegraph Corp. (ITT) *D,R

Investors Group Inc. R

Itek Optical Systems


James MacLaren Industries

James River Corporation D

Johnson & Higgins Ltd. A

Johnson & Johnson *D,R,M

Johnson, Inc/Axel D,R

Johnson Controls Limited D,R

Johnson & Son, Inc/SC *P,D,R,W


KN Energy Foundation D

KPMG Educational Foundation D

Kearney-National Incorporated

Kellogg Company/W.K. D,R,M

Kemper National Insurance Companies P,D

Kerr Addison Mines

Kerr-McGee Corporation *D,R

KeyCorp P

Kidd Creek Mines Ltd

Kimberly-Clark Foundation Inc. *D

Kingsbury Corporation A,D,R,S

Kodak Canada Inc.

Kraft Canada Inc. R,S,W


Labatt Limited/John R

Lafarge Canada, Inc.

Lanier Worldwide, Inc.

Lasalle National Bank

Loctite Corporation P,D

London Life Insurance Company D,R

Lotus Development Company P,S,M

Lubrizol Canada Limited M

Lubrizol Corporation/The *D,R,S,W

Luce Foundation/Henry D,R


The M/A/R/C Group

MTS Systems Corporation A,P,D

MacArthur Foundation, The John D. & Catherine T. D,R,M

MacMillan Bloedel Limited D,R

Madison Mutual Insurance Company (NY) D

Mallinckrodt Veterinary Inc.

Mallinckrodt Group Inc.

Management Compensation Group/Dulworth, Inc.

Manville Corporation *D,R,S

Maritime Life Assurance Company P,R

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. D,S

Mattabi Mines Limited

Maxus Energy Corporation

McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited

McDonnell Douglas Canada Ltd. D

McDonnell Douglas Corporation D

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. P,D

McKesson Corporation D,R,S

Mechanics Bank Foundation P,S

Medis Health & Pharmaceutical

Mellon Bank Corporation P

Merck & Company, Inc. *D,R

Merrill Lynch & Co. Fdn Inc. D,R

Metropolitan Life Foundation D,R,

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. of Canada R,S

Microsoft Corporation D

Middlesex Mutual Assurance Company D,R

Midwest Resources Inc. D,S

Millipore Corporation *P,D,S

Mobil Oil Canada Limited P,R

Mobil Foundation, Inc. D,R

Molson Companies/The P,D,M

Monsanto Canada, Inc. R

Morgan Bank of Canada P,D,R,S

J.P. Morgan & Co., Inc. P,D,R,S

Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc.

Morrison Knudsen Corporation

Motorola Canada Ltd. D,R,S

Motorola Foundation D,R,S

Mott Foundation/Charles Stewart D,R,M

Murphy Oil Company Ltd. R,W

Mutual Group/The P,D

Mutual of New York P,D,R

Mutual of Omaha D


NOVA Corporation D,R

NYNEX Corporation D,R,M

Nabisco Foundation/RJR D,R,S

Nabisco Brands, Ltd. D,R,S

Nacan Products Limited

Nalco Chemical Company D,R,M

National Bank of Canada A,D

National Gypsum Company S,M

Neles-Jamesbury Inc. P

Nelson Canada

Nepera Inc. D,R

Nesbitt Burns Inc.

New England Business Service, Inc. D,R,S,M

New England Education Loan Marketing Corporation

New York State Electric & Gas Corp. D,R

New York Times Company/The R,W

Newsweek Inc. M

Niagara/Baie-Comeau Community Foundation R

Nike, Inc.

Noble Foundation/Samuel Roberts

Noranda Group

Norboard Industries

Norcen Energy Resources Limited

Normick Perron, Inc.

North Canadian Oils, Ltd.

Northern Telecom Canada Ltd. D,R

Northern Telecom, Inc. D

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance *A,D,R

Northwood Pulp and Timber

Norton & Company, Inc/W.W. S

Norwest Corporation R

NutraSweet Company/The P,R


ORIX USA Corporation

Occidental Petroleum Corporation D

Otis Canada D,R,M

Owen-Corning Fiberglass Corporation P


PCL Construction Group P

PPG Canada Inc.

Paul Revere Companies/The *

Pechiney Corporation Pepsico, Inc. D,R,S

Perkin Elmer Corporation P,D

Peterson Consulting Ltd.

Petrolite Corporation

Petrolite Canada Inc.

Pfizer Canada, Inc. D,R

Pfizer, Inc. *D,R

Philip Morris Companies Inc. R,D,M

Pioneer Group, Inc.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited D,R,M

Polaroid Corporation P,D,R

Pope & Talbot, Inc.

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, Inc.

Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc.D,R,M

Price & Pierce International Inc. P,D

Price Associates, Inc./T. Rowe P

Principal Financial Group D,R,S

Procor Limited

Procter & Gamble Inc. (Cdn) R

Procter & Gamble Company/The D,R,M

Protection Mutual Insurance Company A

Provident Life and Accident Insurance Co. R

Prudential Insurance Company of America D,R


QIT-Fer et Titane Inc.

Quaker Chemical Corporation *D,R,S,W

Quaker Oats Company/The P,D,R,M


Raytheon Canada Limited A, R

Raytheon Company D

Reader's Digest Association (Canada) Inc./The

Reckitt & Colman Inc. (US)

Reckitt & Colman

Republic National Bank of New York *

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

Richardson-Vicks, Inc. D,R,S,M

Richardson-Vicks (Cdn) R

Rio Algom Limited R

RobinHood Multifoods, Inc. D

Rockefeller Group, Inc./The D,R

Rohm & Haas Canada, Inc. P,R

Rohm & Haas Company D,R,S

Rospatch Corporation

Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc.

Royal Insurance Company of Canada R

Royal Insurance Company P,R

Ryder Systems, Inc. P,D,S


SPX Corporation D,R

St. Paul Companies/The P,D,R,M

Sara Lee Corporation D,M

Schering-Plough Foundation Inc. D

Seagram & Sons Ltd./Joseph E. D,M

Seagram & Sons Inc./Joseph E. (US) R,M

Sedgwick James Inc. S

Shaklee Canada Inc. A,D

Shearson Lehman Brothers Inc.

Sheldahl, Inc. P

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc. S

Signet Banking Corporation D

Smithkline Beecham Pharma

Southland Canada Inc.

Spar Aerospace Limited A,P

Standard Insurance Company R,S

Standard Oil Company

Stanley Works Foundation/The (US) *D,R,M

State Street Bank & Trust Company P,D

Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company

Stentor Resource Centre Inc.

Stop & Shop Companies Inc./The P,D

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (U.S. Operations)

Sun Microsystems Foundation Inc./The

Suncor Inc. D,R

Sunoco, Inc. D,R

Susquehanna Investment Group P


Talisman Energy Inc. D,R

Teagle Foundation *P,D,R,S,W

Technimetrics, Inc.

Teledyne, Inc. *D,R,M

Teleflex Foundation

Tennant Company P,M

Toronto Star/The R,S

Torrington Company *D,R

Total Petroleum (NA) Limited D,R,M

Towers Perrin

Transamerica Corporation

TransCanada Pipelines R

Transtar, Inc.

Travelers Foundation D,R,S

Treadway Companies, Inc.

Tredegar Industries

Tremco Limited A,P,D,R,

Trimark Financial Corporation Inc.

Trinova Corporation *D

Triskelion Limited P,D,R,S,W

Trust Company Bank R

Turner Corporation/The D,S


UGI Corporation D

UNUM Foundation D,R,S,W

UPS Foundation/The P,D

US Life Corporation D


USG Corporation R

USL Capital (United States Leasing International, Inc.) R

US West Inc. P,D,R

Ultramar Canada Inc.

Union Bank of Switzerland (Canada)

Union Camp Corporation

United States Fidelity and Guaranty Corp. (USF&G) D,R

Unitrin, Inc. P,D,R,M

Unocal Canada Limited

Unocal Corporation *D,M

UpJohn Company of Canada/The D,R

UpJohn Company - Animal Health Division


Valley Bancorporation

Vanguard Group, Inc. P

Varian Canada Inc. A,P,D

Victaulic Company of America


WMX Technologies D,R,S,M

Wallace & Wallace Ltd. P

Warner-Lambert Canada A,R,M

Wascana Energy Inc.

Washington National Insurance Co. P

Washington Post Company/The D,R,M

Waste Management, Inc. D,R,S,M

Watkins-Johnson Company *P,D

Wausau Insurance Companies D,R

West Chemical Products

West Penetone Inc.

Westinghouse Foundation D

Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation D

Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. D,R,S,M

Whirlpool Foundation

White & Case

Whitehall-Robins Inc.

Whitman Corporation D,M

Wiremold Foundation/The P,D,R,S

Wyeth-Ayerst Canada Inc. R 

Giving via the United Way Work together to create positive change in our greater community.

Langara is a great supporter of the United Way. Each year, for the last 30 years, the College has run a workplace campaign to engage and inspire students, faculty, and staff to give generously. Every dollar raised through events and fundraising drives has gone to the United Way to support those in need (including Langara students). 

Donate directly to Langara or learn more about Langara's United Way campaign.