Simulation lab prepares nurses for real world

Simulation lab prepares nurses for real world


This month, the Faculty of Nursing launched an ambitious campaign to raise funds for student financial aid, and to update the equipment in the simulation lab. The lab is crucial in preparing students to be job-ready upon graduation. 

 “The simulation lab has been very helpful because most of the time they have the same equipment that's used in hospitals. So, for example, the IV pumps are the same. If you're just learning how to use the pumps, it's very freeing to just be able to press all the buttons, see how it works, and how you program it. In the lab it's not attached to a real patient, so it’s a good way to learn. I found it really helpful,” says nursing student Tavia Waiz, who is in her final semester at Langara. 

 “My last semester is preceptorship, which means I work with a registered nurse who’s working on the units. You basically take on their assignments. The goal is by the end of it, you're working independently. And you have them as a supervisor.”  

 Waiz added that her experience learning in the simulation lab plays an integral part in her success during her preceptorship. 

 Wanda Pierson, division chair in the Faculty of Nursing agrees. 

 “The process of educating a nurse is a complex endeavour involving classroom, laboratory, simulation and clinical practice experience. The use of simulation to assist students to prepare for the dynamic clinical situation in a safe and controlled environment is powerful. Donations to assist in updating the Nursing Simulation Centre at Langara will allow Faculty to continue to provide students with effective learning opportunities in an excellent and high-quality facility.” 

The cost to update the equipment is approximately $350,000. Although it’s a big number, the equipment makes all the difference for nursing students who need to be career ready as soon as they graduate. 

 Throughout the month of May, all donations will be matched by the College. You can make your donation here.