Scholarships help a Canadian newcomer.

Scholarships help a Canadian newcomer.

tomokoTomoko Nakamura, a Canadian newcomer and recent graduate from Langara College's Nursing Program, didn’t always want to become a nurse. But her past career experiences combined with her drive to help people changed her mind. 

“I became a nurse because my past can be helpful to the patients and families in front of me now. In Japan, I first became a teacher, then a counsellor, and then a nurse. I’ve always been interested in working closely with people, and I especially like working with children.” 

Tomoko is one of many international nurses who enroll in the Langara College post-degree Diploma in Nursing Practice in Canada (PDD NPIC). The program prepares Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) for eligibility and application for nurse licensure and nursing practice positions in Canada. 

But before Tomoko could enroll at Langara, she had to overcome the financial barriers of moving to Canada and pursuing her nursing credentials. 

Shortly before I came to Canada, it was decided that scholarships would be provided to foreign nurses to compensate for the shortage of nurses in BC. Since PDD NPIC is a college course recognized by British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM), I received a scholarship covering about one-third of my tuition fees. Although the tuition fees at Langara College are high, I am glad I received a scholarship because I will now be a nurse in BC.” 

These scholarships were helpful for Tomoko and eased the financial burden to pursue her dream of becoming a registered nurse in Canada. 

She is also grateful to the nursing faculty staff for their unwavering support and dedication to student success. She says their enthusiasm and compassion played a pivotal role in ensuring all students progressed towards graduation without barriers.  

Now that she has graduated, Tomoko is excited to start her Canadian nursing career at Vancouver General Hospital in May.

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