Weaving a shared future

Weaving a shared future

House of Teachings

In 2016, Langara was honoured to receive the name snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓, from Musqueam in their language, which means house of teachings. The word is used to reference the advice a child gives to build their character and guide them into adulthood.

Thanks to your generous support I have the opportunity to finish my degree in Nursing and be the first in my family to receive a degree. - Alex, recipient of the 2022 Native Northwest Reconciliation Award.

For the College, the relationship with Musqueam goes beyond the name. It is a commitment to support and elevate our Indigenous students and to help provide them with the tools and skills within their culture to help them succeed. We are proud to be working with our Indigenous partners and communities. Although the College continues to support our Indigenous students, they need more.

Currently, our Indigenous students can access the following: 

  • Workshops and information sessions
  • Counselling – educational, personal and career
  • Advocacy and liaison support with band/tribal administration, sponsoring agencies, community resources, College programs and services
  • Assistance with the transition into Langara and/or transfer to other post-secondary institutions upon completion of studies at Langara College

But our students need more support – for bursaries, tuition, tutoring, mentorship, and more. With your help, we will be able to ensure that more of our Indigenous students, like Alex, receive the necessary support to be able to thrive at the College and in their careers. Donate now.