Pockets of space

Pockets of space

Spaces to grow

Students spend anywhere between 12-15 hours in classes per week, which is an average of 3-4 hours a day. That is a lot of time on campus! How is our campus accommodating our students' needs? As our student population grows, so does our campus.  

As part of our strategic plan, we will raise funds to help build these new spaces, renovate old ones, and continue to build sustainable buildings that are LEED certified (Leadership and Environmental Design).  

We want our students to feel like Langara is their campus, with pockets of spaces for intercultural groups, and a responsible space that is helping to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact.  

Our goal is to help provide funding for new building initiatives such as: 

  • A dedicated LGBTQIA2S+ space 
  • Intercultural space for various functions including prayer 
  • A bigger Indigenous space that will provide space for Indigenous initiatives and visibility  
  • Additional space to support mental health  

As the needs of our students grow, we hope to be able to help the campus grow and continue to be innovative and sustainable.  

Impact students' learning environment by contributing to new spaces for counselling, religious needs, mental health and more. Donate now.