Empower through education

Empower through education

In pursuit of education and a better life. 

Refugees are uprooted from the place where they once felt safe, leaving behind their home, family, friends, and belongings due to conflict, violence, and human rights violations. Across the globe, there are women like Shakila Zareen who dream of escaping war, conflict, poverty, and societal pressures to pursue an education and a better life.

The newly created Humanitarian Impact Fund will support scholarships and bursaries to cover application costs, travel expenses, tuition and books, housing, food, settlement costs and more. Everyone deserves a safe place to live and the opportunity to pursue an education. Everyone deserves to be safe.

Education means success and lifetime assets to me. It is vital to me because it provides stability in my life, and it is something that no one can ever take away from me. - Muzghan, an Afghan woman displaced in Pakistan who is hoping to come to Langara to study. 

We invite you to join us to help those who are seeking a better life to reach their potential through education. Our goal is to sponsor two new students with a full four-year scholarship or four new students with two-year scholarships. Your donation will help students to realize their dream of escaping war, conflict, poverty, and societal pressures to pursue higher education and a life of freedom and opportunity.

Help support students who are looking for new opportunities and pursue their dreams of obtaining an education. Donate now. 

For more information about partnerships and more please visit langara.ca/humanitarian.