Welcome to the Langara College policy website.

Langara College requires all members of the College community to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes a learning and working environment characterized by encouragement, free enquiry, integrity, mutual respect, professionalism, recognition of achievement, and social responsibility. The College community respects diversity, is civil, and provides for individual safety.

Langara College creates policies to govern important issues and outline practices and expected behaviours.   Policies have broad application throughout the College and are developed to address campus needs by:

  • promoting operational efficiencies;
  • enhancing the College mission;
  • ensuring coordinated compliance with laws and regulations (as applicable);
  • mitigating institutional risk.

College policies are developed, reviewed and modified on regular basis.

This website provides a central location for policies currently in effect that have been approved by the Board of Governors, Education Council or Administration. This site is intended to function as a convenient point of reference for all members of the College community.

The Records Management and Privacy department is the central repository for policies and is responsible for updating and maintaining the official policy manual.

In the event of a discrepancy between the most recently approved version of a policy and the version posted on this site, the former shall be the governing document.

For a copy of a policy not posted to the website, please contact the Policy Officer (jrajotte@langara.ca).