The following is information regarding the Langara login page unofficial Graduation Evaluation.

Name Description

This is the academic year in which you started your program. Academic years start at the beginning of September of one year and end on August 31 of the following year. For example: If you started your program in September of 2005 or January or August of 2006, you will choose the 2005/06 academic year.

If you entered your program in Fall 2012 or later, you will choose the specific semester you entered your program.

If you are considering changing programs, and therefore entering a new program, choose the most current semester available. If you want to officially change your program you will need to submit a program change request form to Registrar & Enrolment Services.

Evaluation for This date indicates the date of the next graduation ceremony.
Condition Either and or or. Or is used when you have more than one course option.
Non-Program These are courses that have not been used in the evaluation to meet your program requirements.
Source This indicates where the course is coming from:
H means home institution, ie, Langara College.
R means currently registered course. In the evaluation, the registered course will meet the requirement and assumes that you will be successful.
T means transfer credit.

  • If you have any questions about the information shown on your evaluation, you may contact us at
  • If you have questions about your program and courses, you should discuss your program with a Langara Counselor at
  • Graduation evaluations are not an official evaluation. If you are close to completing the requirements for your program, you should apply for graduation. The application for graduation form is available at Student Forms Online or from Registrar & Enrolment Services. The deadline for applications for the annual ceremonies in June is February 1.