Government Mandate Letters and Government Letter of Expectations (GLE)

The Government Mandate Letter replaced the Government Letter of Expectations (GLE) in 2014.   Signed by all Members of the Langara College Board of Governors, the Mandate Letter individually and collectively acknowledges Board Members statutory obligations to act in the best interests of the institution and affirm their commitment to take into account the Taxpayer Accountability Principles in exercising this duty.  The Letter is reviewed and updated annually, and builds upon the positive and productive working relationship between the Government and Langara College.
2021-22 Ministry Mandate Letter

2020-21 Ministry Mandate Letter

2019-20 Ministry Mandate Letter

2018-19 Ministry Mandate Letter

2017-18 Ministry Mandate Letter

2016-17 Ministry Mandate Letter

2015-16 Ministry Mandate Letter

2014 Addendum to the 2014-15 Government Letter of Expectations (GLE)
Click here to see the 2014-15 Government Letter of Expectations (GLE)

Annual Disclosure of Remuneration

Provincial Treasury Board legislation related to the remuneration of appointees to boards falls under the scope of Treasury Board Directives (TBD) "Remuneration Guidelines for Appointees to Crown Agency Boards."   These guidelines can be found at:

Disclosure of remuneration to Langara College governors is provided below, based on an annual fiscal year (April 1 - March 31):