The Langara College English Department offers a rotating selection of courses in five different genres of creative writing:

These courses typically involve intensive writing workshops, and are taught by instructors who are published and/or are active members of the local literary community. See below for current and upcoming Creative Writing courses being offered.

Students are encouraged to work towards publication of their writing in Langara’s W49 Magazine or other publications, and they are also encouraged to read their work at the English Department’s Strangers on a Train reading series.

All our Creative Writing courses are fully transferable to UBC and SFU. For information about transfer credit and articulation of these courses, please visit the BC Transfer Guide.

For more information, feel free to contact the individual instructors or the English Department Chair.

Creative Writing Courses for Summer 2022

English 2236: Creative Writing – Fiction

This course helps writers design tension-filled plots and gripping characters. We explicate a few stories by contemporary writers and then engage the tools they use to create our own. This course includes an online forum, where we exchange ideas. The lectures are asynchronous and remain online throughout the term. I will provide notes for each lecture. You will write two short stories that follow a strict set of criteria (plot, character development, etc.), one of which may be revised in light of instructor and student feedback. You will also write two short critical responses (formal and detailed) to stories by other students.

Instructor: Trevor Newland | ONLINE 
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English 2246: Creative Writing – Stageplay

A play is only incidentally a literary text; it is primarily a template for performance. Although the limitations of time, space, the physical bodies of the actors and the world built and lit by designers impose constraints on a writer, they are also a huge gift, a spur to creativity that can take your work well beyond what you alone can imagine. In this workshop class, we’ll look at scenes from classic and contemporary plays, explore the ingredients for riveting theatre (character, conflict, setting, plot) and play with each other’s words together as we discover this lively and rewarding genre.

Instructor: Kathleen Oliver | Tuesday/Thursday 14:30-16:20
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Creative Writing Courses for Fall 2022

ENGL 2236: Fiction – Daniel Poirier

ENGL 2276: Nonfiction – Kathleen Oliver

Creative Writing Courses for Spring 2023

ENGL 2236: Fiction – Sarah Richards

ENGL 2266: Poetry – Thor Polukoshko