Q: What is an override?
A:  An override is a special circumstance exemption given to some students (see the next question for possible reasons for an override).  An override does not register you in a course; it gives you permission, through the computer system, to select a particular course if you have not met the prerequisite in the normal way.  Once you have received the override, you will need to log in to the computer system and register yourself in a section of a course or add yourself to a waitinglist.  An override does not give you priority to move ahead of those already on the waitinglist.

Q: Who is eligible to get a prerequisite override for an English course? 
A:  Prerequisite overrides can be given if a student has completed a previous English course at another post-secondary institution (in an English speaking country).  The Chair or Assistant Chair can assist you with an override: you will need to provide a copy of your transcript showing completion of the previous English course.  This transcript can be emailed or brought to us in person.

Q: I am currently taking an English course at another post-secondary institution (not Langara) but do not yet have my final grade.  Can I get an override while I am waiting for my final grade?
A: No, to receive an override the course must be complete and the student must have a final grade.

Q: I’m currently taking an English course that is the prerequisite course for my next English course.  Can I get an override so that I can register now?
A:  If you are currently registered in a prerequisite course, you do not need an override to register in the next level.  You will be able to register now, and the prerequisite will be checked once the course in complete to see that you successfully completed the prerequisite course.

Q: Previously, I’ve taken an English course twice and have been unsuccessful.  Can I get an override to attempt the course for a third time?
A:  The kind of override you would need is a “repeat limit override.”  Generally, the Chair or Assistant Chair speaks with students prior to granting the override to ensure that students are ready to attempt the course again and have the chance to be successful.

Q: I was told that I had been given an override, but I wasn't notified. Why not?
A:  It is likely that you were not checking your Langara email account, where automated notifications are immediately sent after an override has been put through. Check your Langara email account regularly, especially if you are corresponding with the English department during registration.

Q: I have 79% (or 78%) as my grade in English 12/ Literature 12.  For a Langara English Test (LET) exemption, students need 80% in English 12 / Literature 12.  Since I’m close, can I get an override to take first year English courses without writing the LET? 
A: Unfortunately, no, we do not grant overrides to students who have final grades that are close to the exemption level.  Many students receive final grades of 79% or 78% in English 12, and we must be consistent in our application of our exemption level.
Q: I have 80% in English 12, but my grade is not a blended grade (a blended grade is a final grade where the provincial exam mark is combined with the course work grade).  Do I still qualify for the LET exemption?
A: No, the 80% exemption requirement is only for a final grade in English 12 that is the blended grade.
Q: I have been granted an LET exemption based on my interim English grade, and I currently have above 80% in English 12.  What happens if my final grade drops below 80% once the provincial exam score comes in?
A:  If your provincial exam score drops below 80% once your blended grade is calculated, you will be dropped from any first term English courses you are registered in.  If you know you have a borderline grade, we recommend that you write the Langara English Test as soon as possible.  We have found, generally, that final English grades drop once the provincial exam is blended with the classroom grade.
Q:  I have not yet written the LET.  Can I be given a temporary exemption so that I can register now, and then sign up to write the exam at a later date?
A: No, prerequisites must be achieved prior to a student’s registration in an English course.  Prerequisite overrides are permanent and are not issued on a temporary basis.

Q: A course (other than English) I’m trying to register for has an English prerequisite.  Can you grant me an override to get into that course?
A: No, the English Department only has the ability to issue overrides for English courses.  Please contact each department directly.

Q: When can I write the LET?
A: There are multiple sittings of the LET throughout the semester and between semesters. For more information about the LET and how to register for a sitting, please see http://www.langara.bc.ca/admissions/diagnostic-tests/english/dates-times.html
Q: I received a score of 1 on the LET exam.  What English course should I register for?  Why did I receive a level 1?
A: A score of 1 on the LET exam means that a student needs to do some remedial upgrading work before being ready to take a university transfer English course.  One place you can work on upgrading writing skills is through Langara’s Continuing Studies department.  For more information, please see http://www.langara.bc.ca/continuing-studies/index.html
A level 1 on the LET means that the writing on the exam had frequent and serious grammatical errors as well as vocabulary and organizational weakness.  The writer will need to do some significant work on improving writing skills before being ready for English Department courses.
Q: I received a score of 3 on the LET.  Do I need to take English 1121 before I can take English 1127 or 1100?
A:  Students who receive a 3 on the LET are advised to consider taking English 1121, but it is not a requirement.  A student with an LET 3 can register directly in English 1127 or 1100, but they may find the course work challenging.

Q: I just tried to register for a section of English and found that the waiting list for my chosen section is full.  What should I do?
A: The English Department tries to keep our waiting lists relatively short as our class sizes are smaller than some other departments. Our best advice is that you should try to register for a section with open seats before adding yourself to a waiting list. Then, if you must waitlist yourself, try to find the section with the shortest waiting list. If you cannot get on any waiting list, continue to check the registration system, as students will continue to add and drop courses right up to the start of the term.

Q: I’m interested in taking a course in creative writing.  How do I get into a section?
A:  Creative writing courses in the English Department are all second-year courses.  Once students have completed six credits of first year English, they can register for any creative writing course.
Q: I would like to enroll in Langara’s Creative Writing Program.  How do I do this?  What is the time commitment?  What are the costs?
A:  Langara has a creative writing concentration option as part of the Associate of Arts Degree.  The English Department offers a number of creative writing courses, all at the second year level.  Therefore, students pursuing this option will need to complete six credits of first year English, prior to beginning their creative writing studies. Also, to earn the Associate Degree, students must meet all the requirements set for students pursuing the credential.  The Associate Degree can be pursued part-time or full-time, so the length of study will vary (two years is average).  The cost of a creative writing course is the same as for any other 3 credit regular studies course at Langara.  For most information on the Associate Degree and its requirements, please see http://www.langara.bc.ca/programs-and-courses/programs/creative-writing/index.html