The Fire Still Burns: Life In and After Residential School Sam George, with Jill Yonit Goldberg, Liam Belson, Dylan MacPhee, and Tanis Wilson - UBC Press (2023)

The Fire Still Burns is an unflinching look at the horrors of a childhood in the Indian Residential School system and the long-term effects on survivors. It illustrates the healing power of one’s culture and the resilience that allows an individual to rebuild a life and a future. This frank and powerful personal story of trauma and resilience will bring a greater understanding to all readers – Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike – of residential schools and the impact they had on those who were forced to attend them.

ISBN: ‎ 9780774880855    Publisher's website


The Atheneum Trevor Newland - Simply Read Books (2021)

In the Atheneum, everyone has an adventure waiting. And so when young Jack, voiceless, alone and lost in a storm, seeks shelter there one night, he finds himself wandering its winding corridors under the guidance of a mysterious old man who has made a most peculiar offer: Jack must find a voice of his own among the dusty old books that line its endless shelves. But sooner than he’d imagine, he slips into somewhere farther than he’s ever been from home but closer than he’s ever been to where he should be.

ISBN: 978-1772290622    Publisher's website


Prison Life Writing: Conversion and the Literary Roots of the U.S. Prison System Simon Rolston - Wilfred Laurier UP (2021)

Prison Life Writing is the first full-length study of one of the most controversial genres in American literature. By exploring the complicated relationship between life writing and institutional power, this book reveals the overlooked aesthetic innovations of incarcerated people and the surprising literary roots of the U. S. prison system. An interdisciplinary work that brings life writing scholarship into conversation with prison studies and law and literature studies, Prison Life Writing theorizes how life writing works in prison, explains literature’s complicated entanglements with institutional power, and demonstrates the political and aesthetic innovations of one of America’s most fascinating literary genres.

ISBN: 978-1-77112-517-8    Publisher's website


The Bare Essentials: 10th Edition Norton, Green & Holditch - Top Hat, 2021

The key to effective writing instruction is plenty of practice and immediate feedback. The class-tested and proven instructional approach of The Bare Essentials, combined with rich online grammar practice, will allow instructors to offer more personalized support to struggling writers without overwhelming them with grading. Known for clear explanations, a multitude of practice opportunities, and a strong instructor support package, The Bare Essentials has for over 30 years been the preferred choice for students and instructors who need coverage of grammar and sentence and paragraph writing skills. In the latest edition, new co-author Gregory Holditch has updated many of the examples in the text and moved the work towards a more flexible format that will provide a number of options for teaching and learning. The foundational core concept pieces - grammar rules and essentials of English writing skills - continue to be provided and the workbook exercises have now been fully re-integrated into the core textbook.

ISBN: 978-1-77412-841-1    Publisher's website


Finding the Daydreamer Estella Kuchta - ELM Books, 2020

When daydream meets intuition, a young ranch wife's life turns upside down. Fleeing a dangerous husband, she steals away with her young daughter on a wild and unexpected adventure through Depression-era cowboy country in central British Columbia. All the while, she longs to reunite with the cowboy who compels her heart. One escape leads to another as she encounters wild animals, stunning landscapes, suspect businessmen, hunger, abandonment, loneliness, and love. She has nothing to guide her but a strange inner impulse that seems to know the way--if only she can trust it.

ISBN: 978-1941614327    Publisher's website.

"The Rivals" and Other Stories by Jonah Rosenfeld Translated from Yiddish by Rachel Mines - Syracuse UP, 2020

A major literary figure and frequent contributor to the Yiddish-language newspaper Forverts from the 1920s to the mid-1930s, Jonah Rosenfeld was recognized during and after his lifetime as an explorer of human psychology. His work foregrounds loneliness, social anxiety, and people’s frustrated longing for meaningful relationships—themes just as relevant to today’s Western society as they were during his era.

ISBN: 9780815611202    Publisher's website.

British Romantic Literature and the Emerging Modern Greek Nation Alexander Grammatikos - Palgrave Macmillan, 2018

British Romantic Literature and the Emerging Modern Greek Nation makes an original contribution to the field of British Romantic Hellenism (and Romanticism more broadly) by emphasizing the diversity of Romantic-era writers’ attitudes towards, and portrayals of, Modern Greece. Whereas, traditionally, studies of British Romantic Hellenism have predominantly focused on Europe’s preoccupation with an idealized Ancient Greece, this study emphasizes the nuanced and complex nature of British Romantic writers’ engagements with Modern Greece. Specifically, the book emphasizes the ways that early nineteenth-century British literature about contemporary Greece helped to strengthen British-Greek intercultural relations and, ultimately, to situate Greece within a European sphere of influence.

ISBN: 978-3319904399    Publisher's website.

Write 2: Canadian Edition Kemper, Meyer, Van Rys, Sebranek & Holditch - Nelson, 2016

Created with the ‘student-tested, faculty-approved’ review process, Write 2: Paragraphs and Essays is the second book in a two-book series devoted to helping students improve their writing skills. The authors believe that writing is a process and a cornerstone of the text is teaching students about the traits of good writing and why they are important to the writing process at all stages. Canadian edition edited by Greg Holditch.

ISBN: 978-0-17662-195-7    Publisher's website.

Race to Pisa! Trevor Newland - Mosaic Press, 2016

Race to Pisa! is about the smallest king in history, Nasty King Nedward. It’s about his jealousy over Jolly Roger, the rather large royal tailor. It’s about a nasty plan to get rid of this tailor and a balloon race involving clueless Scallywags, blistering blunderbuss balls, flimsy parachutes, and Belarius, the very notorious balloon master. It’s about nasty revenge plans gone awry and the real reason why the world—famous Tower of Pisa leans (a little to the left). Join the Scallywags once again as they revise history and remind us that you don’t need to be very beautiful or extremely intelligent to make your mark in the world. You just need courage and the ability to make a parachute out of your trousers.

ISBN: 978-1-77161-204-3    Publisher's website.

Garage Criticism: Cultural Missives in an Age of Distraction Peter Babiak – Anvil Press, 2016

In Garage Criticism Peter Babiak gently eviscerates and deflates some of the cultural hot topics of our time. He deconstructs our fascination with Internet culture and its libertarian ideology, devolves the hallucinations of economics and marketing to rhetorical mystifications, and asserts and reasserts the supremacy of linguistic thinking in everyday cultural affairs no less than politics and philosophy.

ISBN: 978-1-77214-050-7    Publisher's website.

Mighty Melvin the Magnificent Mouse Trevor Newland – Mosaic Press, 2016

Everyone knows the world is divided into Biggies (who get whatever they want) and Smallies (who get whatever’s left). Not content with his lot in life as a Smallie, Melvin the Mouse leaves Mouseville and sets out to conquer the world’s Biggest Biggie in the world’s greatest circus. Oblivious the limitations of his size and armed with an outlandish sense of confidence, Melvin pushes past gorillas, lions and rhinos in his quest for the Biggest Biggie, causing maximum mayhem and chaos, but emerging victoriously as the world’s first “Biggie mouse.”

ISBN: 978-1-77161-180-0   Publisher's website.

The Scallywag Solution Trevor Newland – Mosaic Press, 2014

The Scallywag Solution is the first of many adventures to come from the Scallywag gang. The Scallywag adventures take young readers on trips through time, illustrating an exciting high-flying adventure story that also lets the reader explore and learn about the mysteries of history. Where did the original Jolly Roger flag come from? Why does the Tower of Pisa lean? How did the Sphinx lose its nose? Who was the real Mona Lisa? The wild and thrilling escapades of the Scallywags will help readers find the answers.

ISBN: 978-0-88962-990-5   Publisher's website.

Curtains for Roy Aaron Bushkowsky – Cormorant Books, 2014

A burned out playwright accompanies his best friend, a terminally ill director, to the Okanagan for a final summer of wine tasting only to end up on the set of a doomed Shakespeare production at a winery. A poignant and hilarious trip behind the scenes as the Okanagan fires begin their steady march toward the tents of Bard in the Vineyard. Shortlisted for the 2015 Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour, An Inside Vancouver Top Ten book of 2014, The Vancouver Sun Readers Group Top Ten book of 2014.

ISBN: 978-1-89715-174-7   Publisher's website.

My Chernobyl Aaron Bushkowsky – Playwrights Canada Press, 2009

A Canadian man in his late 30s visits Belarus to find a long lost cousin in order to hand over an inheritance, only to meet a young beautiful woman who has romance in mind as well as Canadian citizenship. A comic gem that shows blood is always thicker than water.

ISBN: 978-0-88754-859-8   Publisher's website.