If you have any questions, please contact let@langara.ca.

The Langara English Test (LET) assesses students’ ability to read, understand, and write English at the college/university level. The LET scores indicate which English or Communications course students should take, based on their skills and needs.

Students who have BC English Studies 12, BC Literary Studies 12, or BC English First Peoples 12 with a final grade of 70% or higher are not required to write the LET. Students who do not have at least 70% in one of those three courses will need to write the LET.

In addition to English courses, some other courses and programs require LET scores as prerequisites. For example, students who want to register for Biology 1115 require at least an LET level 3.

Students who have questions about prerequisites for a particular course or program should contact the Chair or Coordinator of that department.

Registering for the Exam

There are multiple sittings of the LET throughout the semester and between semesters. Click here for a list of dates.

Students must register before the exam through Continuing Studies, and should register early to be sure they get a space in the sitting they want. All registration must be completed 48 hours before the exam, and sittings often fill far in advance.  Click here for more information on how to register.

Preparing for the Exam

The exam consists of two parts: reading and summarizing a short prose passage (approximately 100 words), and writing an essay on one of the three essay topics provided (approximately 400 words).

Students who would like more information and/or practice can buy A Guide to the LET – Preparing for the Langara English Test from the Langara Bookstore. Guides are also available at the Langara Library.

Government-Issued Photo ID 

Students must bring one of the following forms of photo ID to the exam:

  • a passport
  • BC Driver's License (international driver's licenses are not acceptable)
  • a BC Identification card (BCID)
  • a Photo BC Services Card

The name on the ID must match the name the student registered under.

Please note the following: 

  • Students with a Langara student card should bring it to the exam as well. In cases where two or more students have similar names, the Langara student card may be needed to confirm the Langara student number. 
  • The ID presented must be current and in the original form; photocopies or scanned/digital copies are not acceptable.  
  • Students who do not present an accepted form of photo ID will not be permitted to write the exam and will have to register for another sitting. They may not transfer the registration, nor is the registration fee refundable.
  • Students who do not have one of these forms of ID should contact the LET Coordinator at least 2 days before the exam date by emailing let@langara.ca.

Writing the Exam

Check-in starts 15-20 minutes before the exam.  After checking in, students must remain in the exam room until the exam begins.  Personal items such as bags, purses, cell phones, smart watches, papers, and notes are not permitted; students must leave such materials at the side of the room while they write the exam. 

Students have 2 hours to write the exam, but may leave as soon as they are finished.

Click here for more information about writing the exam.

Getting Exam Results

Typically, LET scores are uploaded 6 days after the exam; students access their results online. Scores cannot be given over the phone or by email.  Click here for more information on accessing the results and understanding the LET scores.

If you have questions about the LET, please consult the FAQs.  If your question is not answered there, please contact the general LET email (let@langara.ca).