The English Department has a wealth of course offerings available for students of all levels. Whether you are looking to advance your writing skills, hone your editing technique, or delve into critical text analysis, our selection of courses will suit interests of all kinds. The Department regularly offers core courses (such as ENGL 1127: Essay Writing and Short Prose Selections or ENGL 2225: Canadian Literature). We also specialize in creating unique courses that are limited-time only. Our most recent line-up includes a memoir-writing course in partnership with the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre and a course exploring artificial intelligence and literature. 

Our first-year courses are designed to provide a strong foundation in post-secondary English literature. Our second-year courses build on the first year and allow for students to develop their skills in criticial text analysis. An interesting feature of Langara's courses is that though the learning principles remain the same, our instructors often change the texts used, in order to keep curriculum current and relevant. 

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