There is a growing need to better prepare students for written and interpersonal communication success both in their course work and in their employment. The Communications courses offered through the Langara English Department, provide students with the fundamentals of professional communications to help students excel in academic and professional environments. Follow the links for more information about each course.

For information about transfer credit and articulation of these courses, please visit the BC Transfer Guide.

CMNS 1107
Writing and Professional Communications I

This course aims to help students improve their writing skills, adapt their writing to address specific audiences and purposes, use appropriate tone in writing, and write persuasively in a variety of professional contexts. The course is designed to be relevant for students requiring additional language support in order to succeed in Langara’s post-degree diploma programs. This course does not carry transfer credit.

CMNS 1115
Interpersonal Communications

This course puts interpersonal communications theory into practice in exercises, and group and individual projects that cover small group dynamics, interviews, and oral presentations.

CMNS 1118
Written Communications

This course provides students with training in writing skills, with emphasis on business writing in a career context. Writing projects include: memos, letters, reports, resumes, and employment correspondence.

CMNS 2228
Advanced Written Communications

This course teaches students advanced written communication skills, including both business and technical writing. Students will learn and practice advanced editing skills and writing for the Web.