Second-year English courses at Langara offer students the opportunity to build on the foundations of literary and rhetorical analysis established in first-year courses while applying a much more specific focus in terms of content. Whether you are planning on getting a degree in English or you just want to take an interesting elective, the course offerings change each semester, so make sure you check back often! For Creative Writing courses, click here.

All our second-year courses are fully transferable to UBC and SFU. For information about transfer credit and articulation of these courses, please visit the BC Transfer Guide.

For more information, feel free to contact the individual instructors or the English Department Chair.

Second-Year Courses for Fall 2019

ENGL 2223: Survey of English Literature I

By studying English literature from one of its earliest works (Beowulf) through to the great epic of the 17th century (Paradise Lost), students will learn to understand and appreciate the roots of contemporary literature in English and to express that understanding in articulate written and oral analysis.  Although we will focus primarily on works by Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton, we will touch on the poetry of other great authors as well.

Instructor: Tanya Lewis | Monday & Wednesday, 10:30-12:20
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ENGL 2224: Survey of English Literature II

Learn what some famous British writers famously wrote, in deep and moving works of art, that still matters. They felt then what you feel now, but they were perhaps better with words, and this course will let you experience and understand those words, the art forms the words inhabited, the changes in spirit the art provoked. (Yes, the meaning of life is on the syllabus.) Everything is fully explained, fully engaged. You must change your life (as a famous non-British writer might’ve said of what will happen in this course). Also, there are quizzes. Survey of English Literature I is NOT required to take this course.

Instructor: Mark Baker | Monday & Wednesday, 12:30-14:20
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ENGL 2225: Canadian Literature

This course will dust off the stereotypical depiction of Canadian literature as depressing prairie narratives and instead explore the diverse range of fictions this country has to offer, from gothic misfits to personal rebellions to cutting-edge sci-fi and everything in between. In particular, we will be exploring the vast inner and outer landscapes of some of CanLit’s most interesting themes: Wilderness, The Family, Gender Roles, and the Other. We will together examine just what distinguishes CanLit from other nations’ literatures and realize that CanLit is like the indie music of the literary world: sometimes weird, often subversive, always surprising.

Instructor: Erin Robb | Tuesday & Thursday, 12:30-14:20
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ENGL 2233: Prose Fiction: Consuming Fictions

Can a juicy description make your mouth water?  Does the word “chocolate” evoke thoughts of love?  Do you judge a character by what, where, or with whom he/she eats? Literary discourse is increasingly concerned with the ways in which authors use food to evoke emotion, ethnic/regional identities, class divisions, and historical setting.  For this reason, we will study works such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Like Water for Chocolate, and Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, examining the many purposes that food can serve in fiction.

Instructor: Tanya Lewis | Tuesday & Thursday, 10:30-12:20
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ENGL 2237: Writing Lives: The Residential School Survivor Memoir Project (Part I)

English 2237 is the first part of a two-semester, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study the literature and history of the residential school system in Canada, and to meet with Survivors of IRS, ultimately collaborating with them to write their memoir. In this first semester, students will study relevant literature and historical documents that contextualize the history of contact and colonization. They will hear from guest speakers, likely partake in at least one field trip, and will acquire the knowledge and sensitivity that will enable them to move onto the second semester when they will meet and work with IRS Survivors.

Instructor: Jill Goldberg | Tuesday & Thursday, 12:30-14:20
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ENGL 2530: Studies in Film: Cult Film

A chronological overview of the phenomenon of the cult film:  traditionally, one that flopped with critics, and was resurrected and worshipped by fans.  Beginning with a Polish stop-motion film about philandering beetles, we move through other weird and wonderful gems ranging from Un Chien Andalou through Rocky Horror Picture Show and Donnie Darko. Weekly lectures and viewings are followed by class discussions. Assignments include viewing notes, midterm & final exams, and a group cult film of your own!

Instructor: Karen Budra | Tuesday, 18:30-21:50
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Second-Year Courses for Spring 2020

ENGL 2222: Classical Literature – Erin Robb

ENGL 2223: Survey of English Literature I – Noel Currie

ENGL 2224: Survey of English Literature II – Paisley Mann

ENGL 2225: Canadian Literature – Heather Jessup

ENGL 2235: American Literature – Mark Baker

ENGL 2276: Writing Lives (Part 2) – Jill Goldberg

ENGL 2530: Studies in Film: Star Wars – Thor Polukoshko