Second-year English courses at Langara offer students the opportunity to build on the foundations of literary and rhetorical analysis established in first-year courses while applying a much more specific focus in terms of content. Whether you are planning on getting a degree in English or you just want to take an interesting elective, the course offerings change each semester, so make sure you check back often!

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All our second-year courses are fully transferable to UBC and SFU. For information about transfer credit and articulation of these courses, please visit the BC Transfer Guide.

For more information, feel free to contact the individual instructors or the English Department Chair.

ENGL 2223: Survey of English Literature I

ENGL 2223 explores the wealth of English Literature from its beginnings through the 17th century, emphasising major works by major authors. We’ll begin with a brief overview of the development of the English language to prepare for Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales – a Middle English master class in characterization. We’ll sandwich Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and its exploration of folly, identity, and desire between a look at other short 16th and 17th-century poems (sonnet, pastoral, lyric, etc.). And we’ll end with the bizarre majesty of Milton’s Paradise Lost, which – if it doesn’t quite manage to “justify the ways of God to men” – still “pursues things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme.” We’ll spend a lot of time with iambic pentameter as we seek to understand, appreciate, and challenge these texts.

Instructor: Noel Currie | ONLINE
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ENGL 2225: Canadian Literature

If you have ever wondered “what is Canadian literature anyway?,” you are not alone.  In fact, such questions are fundamental to literature by and about Canadians.  In this survey course, we read a range of genres (scholarly articles, poetry, non-fiction, and a novel), historical periods (19th - 21st century), regions (rural and urban), and subject matter (including ghosts, magic, adventure, nationhood, violence, memory, and loss, and much more).  We cover some conventional “classics” as well as more experimental and diverse perspectives within Canadian literature and criticism (with particular consideration of Indigenous cultures, multiculturalism, and cultural hybridity).  We read literature by Canadians of African, Indigenous, East-Asian, European, and South-Asian descent, and we explore how Canadian writers have anticipated, answered, and even challenged Northrop Frye’s question of “where is here?”

Instructor: Tiffany Johnstone | ONLINE
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ENGL 2233: Media and Cultural Studies

Students analyze popular media such as television, film, graphic novels, music videos, advertising, video games and internet culture in their historical, theoretical, and sociological contexts. Through reading, group discussion, presentations and research projects, they develop conceptual frameworks and critical vocabularies for understanding the meaning of this popular media in their everyday lives. Topics may include the history of popular media; competing definitions of culture; representation and the social construction of meaning; the production and consumption of popular media in mass society; copyright and the cultural commons; issues of identity, the community and the body; subcultures and countercultures; politics and popular media; and the globalization of popular culture.

Instructor: Marc Acherman | ONLINE
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Second-Year Courses for Fall 2021

ENGL 2223: Survey of English Literature I – Tanya Lewis  

ENGL 2224: Survey of English Literature II – Paisley Mann

ENGL 2235: American Literature – Mark Baker

ENGL 2233: Children's Literature – Erin Robb 

ENGL 2234: Novel, Movie, Meme – Erin MacWilliam

ENGL 2237: Indigenous Literature – Jill Goldberg

Second-Year Courses for Spring 2022

ENGL 2222: Classical Literature in Translation – Erin Robb

ENGL 2223: Survey of English Literature I – Ciara Lawlor  

ENGL 2224: Survey of English Literature II – Mark Baker

ENGL 2235: American Literature – Mark Baker

ENGL 2233: Weird Fiction – Jonathan Newell

ENGL 2237: Black Lives Matter – Simon Rolston

ENGL 2239: Studies in Poetry: The Poetics of Hip Hop – Thor Polukoshko