Drawing + Design + Ceramics + Painting + Media Arts + Printmaking + Sculpture + Public Art

The Fine Arts program is a two-year diploma which credits are transferable to a university degree program. Our studios include drawing, design, ceramics, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital design and public art. All our students leave with a set of skills they can use right away. Some choose to go out into the art community or workforce; most use their two years here as a stepping-stone towards a Bachelor’s Degree.

Expect to get dirty!

We do not just talk about making - we make! We are one of the most studio-intensive programs on the west coast. You are exposed to a wide range of materials, such as paint, clay, wood, metal, charcoal, ink, and plaster. By the end of two years, students have mastered the use of many tools from the paintbrush to the mig welder. The following provides a glimpse into our studios and the students at work.