How to Complete the Program

How to Complete the Program

There are two ways to complete the Fine Arts Program at Langara.

Full time program:

Students take 4-6 classes per term.  This is a rigorous, full time program and students should expect to budget a minimum of 4 hours homework time for each studio class taken.  Some studios (ceramics, sculpture and printmaking) require working in the studio rather than at home.

Part time program:

Students take the program at their own pace, typically 2-3 classes per term.  Most Advanced studios start in the Fall and continue in the Spring.  Students starting 2nd year in the Spring term can choose between several stand-alone 3 credit 2nd year studio offerings as well as FINA 2180 Professional Practice and FINA 2250 Contemporary Cultural Theory and the Arts to complete their diploma requirements.  Many students catch up on English and Art History requirements over the summer.

How to graduate with a Fine Arts Diploma

First Year
11 courses, 33 credits, University Transferable

Students completing the first year in studio practice will have a strong, skills-based foundation in the major studio areas of fine art practice, as well as a greater understanding of the historical context of creative practice.

Please make sure that you take the first year art histories as a pair eg. Visual Culture 1&2, Western Art 1&2 OR Modern Art 1&2.

Second Year
9 courses, 27 credits, University Transferable

Advanced studio classes are usually offered over two terms, Fall and Spring.  Both halves are customarily taken for a total of 6 credits. Some stand-alone three credit second-year studios are also offered each year, typically in the Spring term.  The other required second year classes are FINA 2180, Professional Practice and FINA 2250, Contemporary Cultural Theory and the Arts as well as three additional Art History credits.  The second year of the program allows an intensive immersion into three studio areas and allows students the opportunity to begin to build a comprehensive body of work that will allow for transfer to other BFA programs across Canada.

Fine Arts Diploma Requirement Checklist