Attention: Langara Employees

Problems regarding office security and key control are occurring on a continuing basis. Security is getting numerous calls to open offices when keys have been locked inside. In addition, keys have been observed by security in open offices in plain sight or left in door locks unattended. Keys have been stolen from offices and offices have had to be re-keyed. Offices are often observed open and unattended, and theft of property has occurred as a result. Recently, keys and personal property were stolen from an open unattended faculty office, which required the re-keying of an entire building, at considerable expense to the College.

  • Do not leave your office open and unattended
  • Keep your keys on your person at all times
  • Do not leave your keys in your office
  • Do not leave your keys in the door lock
  • Do not leave your keys at home
  • Do not lend your keys to anyone
  • If you have lost your keys, check Lost & Found at security

Please remember, security is the responsibility of each member of the Langara College community.