Langara College has a total of 11 Emergency Assistance towers around the campus in order to enhance College safety, security and the Public Address System.

Each Emergency Assistance tower has six sophisticated speakers, employing a full 360-degree array to deliver maximum audio clarity and range for public emergency announcements and an emergency call panel.

Calls from Emergency Assistance Towers

The external emergency communication system offers students, employees, and College visitors a high level of incident prevention and management, establishing a safe environment.

Emergency calls can be made from any of the towers by pushing the RED button located on the emergency call panel. All emergency calls are directed to the security personnel on duty.


For information about emergency contacts and additional emergency call devices, visit our Contact page.

Emergency Assistance Tower Locations

Each tower has its own identification number so callers can be easily located. For instance, if you call using tower number one, a caller ID appears on the Campus Security phone with the exact location of the tower so you do not need to state your current location. Refer to the map below (click to see the PDF) for locations of the 11 Emergency Assistance towers.

campus map with emergency assembly areas and emergency blue towers

1.  North West of Library Pond/Sidewalk

2.  North 49th Avenue/Gym/Sidewalk

3.  North 49th Avenue/Security Office/Sidewalk

4.  North of Main Entrance A Building/Sidewalk

5.  49th & Ontario St./Faculty Parking Lot

6.   East Ontario St. Parking Lot/Community Garden

7.   South East Parking Lot/Ontario St.

8.   South Middle of B Building/Sidewalk & Parking Lot

9.   South West Library & B Building Parking Lot

10. Between Library & Daycare Sidewalk

11. South of T Building / West of Library