At Langara College, first aid is provided by Campus Security, Langara Health Services, and several Langara employees trained in Occupational First Aid (OFA). In a medical emergency, OFA attendants are able to quickly respond with life-saving equipment, experience, and expertise.

In addition, OFA attendants are able to communicate with 911 operators to provide medical updates, specific directions and any logistical support necessary to ensure that the emergency response is as fast as possible.

In case of a life-threatening situation:

  • Dial 911 (9-911 from a campus phone)
  • Keep calm and do not leave the patient unattended
  • Ensure the accident scene is safe – minimize further danger to injured person or self. Do not move injured person unless there is a high risk of further injury
  • Inform the Campus Security of your 911 call immediately

For emergency first aid:

  • Call a local 4444 from any internal phone or 604.562.1011; or
  • Use any YELLOW emergency call station located at various places inside of A, B, C, G and L Building; or
  • Call by pressing the RED button marked SECURITY on any pay phone; or
  • Use any Emergency Assistance Tower located at various places of the campus exterior

State the exact location and the nature of the injury and a first aid attendant will respond. Emergency calls are answered 24/7 by the main switchboard or the campus security.

For non-emergency first aid:

Please make yourself familiar with Langara College Emergency Procedures regarding your safety and security on the campus. These procedures give detailed information on how to respond to various kinds of incidents.